off (one's) nut

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off (one's) nut

Crazy or insane. I think you're off your nut for changing careers this late in life, but, hey, follow your dreams. He's off his nut if he thinks he can get that engine fixed by this weekend.
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off your nut

out of your mind; crazy. informal
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ˌoff your ˈnut

(British English, informal, spoken) crazy: Is he completely off his nut?
Nut is an informal word for your head.
See also: nut, off

off one’s nut

1. mod. crazy; out of one’s head. Don’t pay any attention to her. She’s off her nut.
2. mod. alcohol intoxicated. Those guys are so off their nuts!
See also: nut, off
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Okay, so I wasn't really expecting Gordon to be off his nut on Colombian marching powder.
AFTER getting off his nut all his life, dumping his wife, then his young girlfriend, I'm shocked RONNIE WOOD's ticker is still going.
Along the far end are foods: nutty as a fruitcake, or simply nutso or nuts (nut meaning head, so off his nut means crazy, as with off his chump).
Hilda returns also, convinced that Rumpole is off his nut and needs tending to.
His players will look at the gaffer going off his nut and will realise he's going to demand everything in every game.
Jack, the old fella with the Minnie Mouse barnet, was clearly off his nut.
GRANGE Hill's Just Say No campaign obviously didn't wash with Bobby Gillespie, who claims he's at his "best" when off his nut on cocaine.
OFF HIS NUT J Fellaini was banned after headbutting Stoke's Shawcross last week
AGREAT fun watching Charlie Nicholas going off his nut on Sky Sports as he watched Arsenal's comeback against AC Milan.
He's off his nut, he's got a huge house, he's got a lot of money.
CRAIG LEVEIN must be off his nut to take on the Scotland job.
He started going off his nut, telling me I was not his friend.
Speaking about the flare-up MacLennan said: "Their groundsman went off his nut and thought we were trying to annoy him but we were just doing the warm down.
Perhaps some of us thought we weren't good enough to beat Hearts but at half-time Craig Robertson went off his nut at a few of us and we went b ack out believing we had a real chance of upsetting the odds.
Rant by manager: In that game against Cowdenbeath, which we had to win, John McCormack went off his nut at half-time because we were 1-0Nights, above, and Rachel Stevens, top down.