off (one's) hands

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off (one's) hands

Removed from one's responsibility. I never would have finished the project on time if Bill hadn't taken that part off my hands.
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off someone's hands

Out of or removed from someone's charge, possession, or responsibility. It is often put as take off someone's hands, as in We hoped that once they saw the kittens they would take them off our hands, or I'm glad that swing set is finally off our hands. [First half of 1600s]
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off your hands

COMMON If someone or something is off your hands, you are no longer responsible for them. I can always take the children off your hands for a while, if you need to work. I was just glad to get the building off my hands. Compare with on your hands.
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off somebody’s ˈhands

no longer the responsibility of somebody: Now that the children are off my hands, I’ve got more time for other things.
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off (one's) hands

No longer under one's jurisdiction, within one's responsibility, or in one's care: We finally got that project off our hands.
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References in classic literature ?
In the course of the day's work he casually and briefly mentioned a particular job he had just got off his hands. His absence in England had been the cause of delay.
He soon finished the skinning, and went to the water to wash the blood off his hands. He had hardly dipped them in the pond when the nixy rose up in the water, and seizing him in her wet arms she dragged him down with her under the waves.
She began to roll the wool off his hands into a ball.
Enid, who had worked as a teaching assistant for 33 years, piped up and said she would take it off his hands.
The police threatened to cut off his hands and feet and throw him in the river."
But the Chronicle understands that there have been NO approaches to take the club off his hands, despite recent fan unrest.
Democratic Party leaders have indicated they would be happy to take the burden off his hands, and the folks at his new job site, UMass-Lowell, doubtlessly would be, too.
IN response to Graham V Bromley regarding his unwanted garden bin (Your Say, April 22), I will take it off his hands. Unfortunately, when I went out to claim a bin when they were left in the street there were none left.
He said he would give me a hell of deal on the carpet if I would take the newspaper off his hands.
A HOTEL worker told a court he saw a man accused of murder wiping blood off his hands moments after the killing.
Mr White said: ``In my opinion it was not his blood that he was wiping off his hands.''
So if Mr Bore has any empty four-bedroomed properties that could accommodate me and my four children, one of whom has cerebral palsy, I would more than willing to take one off his hands.
Police were told the attacker wanted to kill him and hack off his hands.
And now boss Paul Hart has offered to slash a third off his asking price if Stoke will take Nugent off his hands.
But he told them they could take the cemetery off his hands for A1.