off (one's) game

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off (one's) game

Unable to perform as well as usual. She never misses that shot. She must be off her game today. Staying up late last night really put me off my game at work.
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*off one's game

Fig. not able to play a sport as well as normal. (*Typically: be ~; put one ~; throw one ~.) I'm a little tired, and that generally puts me off my game.
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off (or on) your game

playing badly (or well).
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References in classic literature ?
That it should have taken him three strokes to hole out from this promising position was unfortunate, but not fatal, for Gossett, who seemed suddenly to have fallen off his game, only reached the green in seven.
LA Galaxy striker Keane (right) has rallied his team-mates to get in Ibrahimovic's face in the hope of throwing him off his game.
"He gets frustrated because he is a talented player and by his own admission he is just off his game at the minute.
Last week we put our faith in Leonardo Mayer to make a name for himself against Robin Soderling at Roland Garros in the French Open but unfortunately the Argentinian was off his game, so it's back to square one.
The six feet four inch Croatian is currently flying high at number nine in the ATP singles rankings - and such was his start to the season that an opponent tried a novel way of putting him off his game.
The incident started when the teen refused to turn off his Game Boy and his teacher sent him to the assistant principal's office.
They have heckled Monty around the greens and put him off his game in many major tournaments.
Kevin Campbell looked shakey,David Unsworth seems to have lost the assuredness that he has shown recently,Joseph Yobo was outmuscled and put off his game by Shearer and Pistone was not his his usual self.
But Bolton's Tofting said: ``I think they will be happy to have him back to take some of the pressure off, but it's up to us to try to put him off his game.
The four-year-old has been off his game since his maiden win last season, especially on two runs last month.
MAORI ace Michael Campbell may have been well off his game yesterday when posting 74, but there is still no way his match with Peter Lonard today should be a choice affair, writes Steve Palmer.