off (one's) rocker

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off (one's) rocker

Crazy; mentally unsound; extremely foolish. I'm going to go off my rocker if I have to hear that song one more time! I think Jane's grandmother is a little off her rocker these days. You must be off your rocker if you think that's a good idea!
See also: off, rocker

*off one's rocker

 and *off one's nut; *off one's trolley
Fig. crazy; silly. (*Typically: be ~; go ~.) Sometimes, Bob, I think you're off your rocker. Good grief, John. You're off your nut.
See also: off, rocker

off one's rocker

Also, off one's nut or trolley . See off one's head.
See also: off, rocker

off your rocker

If someone is off their rocker, they are crazy. He must be off his rocker, paying that much for a shirt! Note: You can also say that someone goes off their rocker to mean that they become crazy. Sometimes I think he's going off his rocker.
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off your rocker

crazy. informal
A rocker in this expression is a concave piece of wood or metal placed under a chair or cradle enabling it to rock back and forth.
1932 Evelyn Waugh Black Mischief It's going to be awkward for us if the Emperor goes off his rocker.
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ˌoff your ˈrocker

(informal, spoken, especially British English) (of a person) crazy: Spend a thousand pounds on a dress! Are you off your rocker?
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off one’s rocker

mod. silly; giddy; crazy. (see also rocker.) That silly dame is off her rocker.
See also: off, rocker

off (one's) rocker

Out of one's mind; crazy.
See also: off, rocker
References in periodicals archive ?
OFF HER ROCKER Branka can't hide her joy at wedding
Around the time Bruce's wife Emma had the baby, it was this scary sense of, 'Demi went off her rocker again.
Granted, I think she is completely off her rocker for wanting to go through the whole birth and nurturing process at an age when she should be close to enjoying an active retirement - but isn't that her choice to make?
I can't fulfil all his sexual needs" I did think she'd gone off her rocker.
The fact that I'm here tonight and (Margaret) Thatcher is off her rocker is a testament to that.
And their name will knock your grandma off her rocker and into the kitchen sink.
While Dirty Den was ruthlessly driving Angie off her rocker in Albert Square, up north Stan and Hilda Ogden had whole episodes devoted to the "Muriel" on the living room wall.
Pamela Anderson looks as mad as a hatter - but she's still not off her rocker.
Conservative frontbencher Justine Greening is off her rocker if she believes her party's collapse in popularity is down to Russell Brand.
It's been obvious for a while now that soap's worst relation is going steadily off her rocker.
The brand new pony tethered in the back garden of their suburban home should be just a slight giveaway that his wife is off her rocker, but instead he just gets angry.
Cherie has been foolish to get caught up in this farce, but Carole Caplin is simply off her rocker staying entangled with Foster.
Any babe who gets mixed up with a tattooed, bullying rocker must be off her rocker in every sense of the word.