off game

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off (one's) game

Unable to perform as well as usual. She never misses that shot. She must be off her game today. Staying up late last night really put me off my game at work.
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*off one's game

Fig. not able to play a sport as well as normal. (*Typically: be ~; put one ~; throw one ~.) I'm a little tired, and that generally puts me off my game.
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"That's better than being in a league where opposing teams can sometimes call off games.
The Belgian defender also called on team-mates to kill off games, after they took the first-half lead.
With all-conquering champions Celtic their opponents at Hampden on Saturday,Mason knows the odds are stacked against a Dunfermline victory -but looks back on the experience with Manchester City as proof that in one- off games anything can happen.
The eight-year-old was off games for 15 months from November 2011 before having his first start for Fiona Browne in a hunter chase at Sandown in February, coming home a 15-length winner.
Following two successive weeks of postponements because of waterlogged pitches - Kirklees calling off games on Council pitches and the leagues then backing up that decision by calling off their progammes - this weekend the council have decided to leave decisions up to referees.
That was the last time we saw him - Barry Geraghty's mount has been off games since after suffering a pelvis injury.