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'I would say that real credit of hundred days go to Bushra Begum because I only took one day off from work on Saturday during these hundred days, it was my first weekly off.
Kapuso actor Miguel Tanfelix took some time off from work and jetted to Vietnam for an adventure.
Some shoppers even went to the length of taking a half-day off from work to take advantage of the discounts.
QUESTION: If you work outside the home, in the last year, have you taken time off from work in order to help provide for a parent, or not?
She made a mean beef stroganoff, followed her husband from job to job and took eight years off from work to raise three children.
BRITONS are failing to switch off from work while away, with increasing numbers switching on to office emails, a survey shows.
Summary: Apple CEO Steve Jobs is taking time off from work to concentrate on his health.
The results of the poll carried out by business information website among 160 UK company bosses suggests that many find it difficult to switch off from work - even during the festive period.
While the state and federal government recognize certain days as holidays, most employers in New Hampshire are not required to give employees time off from work on those dates.
When I was chair of the environmental committee, I had to take unpaid time off from work several times.
Friend of Trina, Anthony Bulness also donated his day off from work to go and serve tea and coffee to all of the customers.
A YOU need to learn how to switch off from work so you can get the necessary rest that will let you do your job properly.
Hundreds of Chinese workers laid off from work protested outside a recently closed Japanese factory in Guangdong Province to demand compensation, Hong Kong newspapers said.
She recommends scheduling time off from work after particularly busy times.
The research was commissioned by a vitamin company and found nearly half of men surveyed found it difficult to switch off from work.