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The administration also is proposing to allow drivers to "pause" the 14-hour driving window for an off-duty break of up to three hours, provided the trucker still takes the 10 consecutive hours off duty at the end of the work shift.
"Amazing bystander#CPRby two off duty nurses from@NHSHomertonalongside members of public saved this gent's life.
"The officer has, whilst off duty and on a night out with colleagues, taken a member of the public's phone during a disagreement over a bill.
Detail Kommander is the first software to bring Off Duty and Extra Duty management into the 21st century.
The off duty officer also took a selfie with Sister Margaret Ann.
French police officers will be allowed to carry their weapon while off duty to protect civilians as long as France maintains the state of emergency following the Paris shootings, police said on Thursday.
The man is understood to be an officer with the Cleveland force and had been visiting the island while off duty. He is currently undergoing treatment at the hospital in Newcastle.
"And we just want to continue working with them and being appreciative of their efforts -- whether it be off duty or on duty."
Therefore, most military professionals would provide the short answer: "No, we are never really off duty."
It was alleged the suspect sexually assaulted a woman when he was off duty. The suspect, a rank-and-file member of the force, was officially relieved of his duties by Garda chief Martin Callinan following his arrest.
Newcastle Chief Insp Julian Bowren said: "The off duty officer showed extreme bravery in his actions and prevented a potentially dangerous situation from escalating.
They Tweeted: "Off duty officers dressed in zebra & monkey onesies arrest a violent man in the street - @ SolihullPolice keeping you safe whatever it takes.
The ability to find and identify a threat in reduced light is no less important because you're off duty, so a compact, powerful light needs to be part of your gear.
He checked with Florida Highway Patrol to confirm that the Glock 38 had, indeed, been added to the approved list for their personnel to wear off duty.
Summary: A Spanish man has an off duty policeman to thank after he was saved from the path of an oncoming train.