off colour

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Rude or vulgar; likely to offend others, especially due to being sexually explicit or suggestive. Primarily heard in UK, Canada. Every Christmas, my uncle has a bit too much to drink and starts telling off-colour jokes in front of the kids and grandparents. A: "What did you think of the awards ceremony last night?" B: "I found the presenter's jokes a bit too off-colour for my taste."
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off ˈcolour

1 (British English) looking or feeling ill: I’m feeling a bit off colour this morning.
2 (especially American English) an off-colour joke is one that people think is rude, usually because it is about sex: They describe their humor as suitable for the family, with nothing off-color.
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OFF COLOUR: Marouane Fellaini's miss proved costly UNSUNG HERO: The injured Darron Gibson had been a vital part of Everton's early season promise
IT'S never queasy, sorry easy, getting it right on live TV - especially when you're off colour.
"It'll buck you up after your feeling off colour patch," (Off colour?
BRITNEY SPEARS looked a bit off colour yesterday - and it had nothing to do with being heavily pregnant.
Having been off colour and out of favour since England's magnificent success, the former Merchant Taylors' student finds himself part of an England front five that many pundits regard as crucial if England are to start with a win.
The black and ambers have been a little off colour recently and a win would restore lost confidence.
Recommendation Buy P Taylor v M Webster 180s 2pts at 5.9 Sporting Index Phil Taylor was off colour last week
Well, she certainly doesn't look off colour to us...
The English striker has been in red-hot form but he looked strangely off colour yesterday as he trained with his team-mates ahead of tonight's UEFA Cup clash with Helsinki.
SOUTHEND boss Alan Little was relieved after his off colour side scraped a fortunate three points against basement outfit Mansfield.
Q MY three-year-old labrador has recently had nose bleeds, trouble breathing, a cough and been off colour. I read somewhere about lungworm - could this be why?
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Ran well on his debut over course and distance, but had to miss a subsequent engagement when a little off colour. Has pleased in his recent work.