off colour

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Referring to sex in a lewd or offensive manner. Primarily heard in UK, Canada. Every Christmas, my uncle has a bit too much to drink and starts telling off-colour jokes in front of the kids and grandparents.

off ˈcolour

1 (British English) looking or feeling ill: I’m feeling a bit off colour this morning.
2 (especially American English) an off-colour joke is one that people think is rude, usually because it is about sex: They describe their humor as suitable for the family, with nothing off-color.
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The home side were off colour in a goal-less first half but took control after the Glens had Craig Gibson red-carded.
It'll buck you up after your feeling off colour patch," (Off colour?
BRITNEY SPEARS looked a bit off colour yesterday - and it had nothing to do with being heavily pregnant.
LIVING JEWEL, who has had a topsy-turvy Racing Post Juvenile, was withdrawn off colour from tonight's big race at 10.
A ALL unneutered bitches that seem off colour should be checked for pyometra, infection of the womb, as it is very common.
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Billy's known for being a shade off colour with some of his jokes - this time he's put his foot in it.
Her fashion sense might have been a bit off colour but she was clearly in the pink, enjoying lunch with her dad and kids at New York's 3 Guys Restaurant.