off case

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off (one's) case

No longer a source of constant pressure; not nagging one anymore. We need to do something to get the boss off our case. Would you get off my case? I'm going to mow the lawn after lunch.
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off (someone's) case

No longer nagging or urging someone to do something.
See also: case, off
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This is not a one- off case. Over- leveraging has led to sharp deterioration in finances of a number of companies.
SMRITI TO TAKE ON RAHUL IN AMETHI According to party leaders, Agarwal had been a petitioner in the Bofors pay- off case and had presented several evidence against Sonia before the Supreme Court.
Islamabad High Court has disposed off case against IG Islamabad regarding escape of former president Musharraf from the court premises.
Earlier, I have won matches against top players but it used to be a one- off case. But winning four back- to- back matches against top- 200 players is huge," Yuki, who returned to the Capital on Wednesday, said.
This is not a one- off case but a usual practice in our schools in Kashmir, though we don't talk about it," Veeri said.
The batting looks good and what happened in Jaipur was a one- off case of the batsmen failing to convert a good start.
A spokesman at the FBU said it was a "one off case".
Though BLS officials refused to comment on the issue, Bhardwaj admitted it is a mistake on the part of the agent but insisted it is just a one off case.
The erotic poster of Jism 2 is not a one- off case for the Bhatts.
A 2-member bench of SC led by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry took up the loans written off case for hearing Monday.