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Then, we remembered Freddie Starr arguing with Amy Lame, which last week followed near fisticuffs off camera between John Forgeham and James Whitaker and decided maybe not.
Off camera, as the production itself falls apart, Greaves improvises more and more desperately, and the crew finally mutinies.
Matthew Kelly is the same when on or off camera, very genuine and reassuring.
His new book, Off Camera, is a chronicle of the final year of the century.
Despite her brash on-screen personality, mother-of-three Jennifer insists that off camera she is SHY.
Off camera he was a compassionate and generous person and devoted family man.
Fox News presenter Lisa Kennedy Montgomery was heard making the comments off camera.
She then overcame some resistance and gave the reporter a nice smooch on camera, prompting cheers from folks out of frame and off camera.
The cheating row centres around allegations that the 32-year-old was constantly doing deals off camera.