off beam

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off beam

Mistaken, inaccurate, or incorrect; going against or straying away from the correct line of thinking. Hyphenated if used before a noun. I'm saddened that he would choose to make remarks about our troops that are so off beam. The CEO's off-beam plans ended up costing the company nearly half a billion dollars in lost revenue.
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off (or way off) beam

on the wrong track; mistaken. informal
Originally, this phrase referred to the radio beam or signal used to guide aircraft.
1997 Anthony Barnett This Time I sample the press coverage to illustrate how large sections of the Fourth Estate were way off beam in their conviction that voters want the country steered back towards ‘Great Englishness’.
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off ˈbeam

(informal) wrong; incorrect: No, you’re way off beam there.A radio wave, or beam, can be used to guide aircraft. If the aircraft is off beam it is not following the correct course as set by the beam.
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I know he loves to play devil's advocate and says things for the sake of stirring controversy, but even by his own standards Mike 'Stevo' Stephenson was way off beam after Wakefield Trinity Wildcats' nerve-jangling triumph over Castleford Tigers.
A recent survey has revealed that many UK drivers are way off beam when it comes to understanding the warning lights on their car dashboard.
Dear Editor, - Your correspondent who suggests that the Hemel Hempsted explosion is getting undue media coverage because it is sited in south east England (Post, Dec 12), is way off beam.
In any event I always thought that licensed zones were off beam because they provide no direction as to where the business is to be done.
Pre-meeting predictions of a one-sided romp for the Tigers proved way off beam, with Des Quinney's bold battlers giving almost as good as they got to stay within six points of the visitors in the first nine races.
All experimental equipment is the target area , off beam , the spectrometer and detection require the provision or recovery of a network of media standards such as water , gas and compressed air, and fluids cryogenic .
There was enough time for Goode to win the match but he was just off beam and it was Quins - champions two years ago - who nicked the points to get their season off and running.
The sound in the first half of his set is awful - at times it's akin to a stand-up show in an echo chamber and his gag strike rate is off beam as a result.
Comments off beam Wolves MD Dave Roberts says: "Eastern European and Asian families - racing is not their sport.
Sharp sent a half-volley inches wide, Beattie was off beam with two headers, and then Sharp tried his luck with a bicycle kick before Kilgallon scored the goal that never was.
But he, and many others, were way off beam when they described the alleged plot to kidnap a British Muslim soldier and "execute" him.
A IT'S a well-known fact that nits prefer clean hair to that which is dirty - so your mum is way off beam.
Berwick MP Alan Beith says the Government's interpretation of "rural" is way off beam and wants action.
The absurd idea from the IoD that the loss of a major exporter can be offset by the creation of another import-sucking shopping centre shows how off beam they are.
Seems I wasn't too off beam predicting the possibility of a libidinous Timelord.