off back

off (one's) back

No longer a source of constant stress, anxiety, aggravation, or pressure. To be honest, it's a bit of relief having all that fame off my back. It just felt like I was under constant scrutiny no matter where I went or what I did. Would you get off my back? I'm going to mow the lawn after lunch.
See also: back, off

off (someone's) back

No longer nagging or urging someone to do something.
See also: back, off
References in classic literature ?
They shouted consolation and promises, and went off back to the town again to get help.
Give us fifty years, and when all the bush is cleared off back to the mountains, fever will be stamped out; everything will be far healthier.
Conyers had to pack us all off back to the hotel, without stopping even for lunch.
I say, then, that on hearing our answer the youth turned about and made for the place we pointed out to him, leaving us all charmed with his good looks, and wondering at his question and the haste with which we saw him depart in the direction of the sierra; and after that we saw him no more, until some days afterwards he crossed the path of one of our shepherds, and without saying a word to him, came up to him and gave him several cuffs and kicks, and then turned to the ass with our provisions and took all the bread and cheese it carried, and having done this made off back again into the sierra with extraordinary swiftness.
Michael's that night, (it being quite late,) but that I must be off back to Mr.
He writhed in pain while clutching his left knee and was stretchered off back to the dugout.
THE 2016 Irish National Greyhound Awards ceremony, called off back in February due to the Harold's Cross closure row that spread to Shelbourne, has been rearranged for Sunday week, writes Michael Fortune.
A TORY MP blasted a Scottish girl who said she would vote for independence in a second referendum, saying: "Why don't you f*** off back to Scotland.
Will Ross make it up to poor, loyal wife Demelza, or will he run off back to the army?
Eleanor Fry, prosecuting, told York Crown Court: "The two heard someone shouting at them, something about immigrants and "F*** off home, f*** off back to Scotland.
WITH the Great British Bake Off back on our screens, Miller Homes is helping buyers get into the ready-steady-bake spirit.
THE CHRONICLES OF NADIYA (BBC1, Wednesday, 9pm) NOT only is the Great British Bake Off back, but there's also a chance to catch up with last year's winner, Nadiya Hussain.
A DRUNKEN thug who told a police officer to "f*** off back to Vietnam" has been jailed.
After Dean stormed in and confronted her over their baby, her friends and family were left to shuffle off back home, gossiping about the shocking revelation.
According to the latest report from shipbroker Intermodal "we observe a strong negative trend in asset prices that has kicked off back in mid-2014 but which has nevertheless still hasn't convinced buying interest to the extent that one would think.