off artist

rip-off artist

A person who exploits the vulnerability of others for their own sake by manipulating and taking advantage of their confidence. Be wary of rip-off artists who send emails claiming to be a bank or some other trustworthy establishment—they often ask for your personal bank details to gain access to your finances. He's just a small-time rip-off artist looking to con you into giving him a bit of money.
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(rip-)off artist

Inf. a con artist. Fred is such an off artist. Beware of the rip-off artist who runs that shop.
See also: artist, off

off artist

See also: artist, off
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PALM 3 OFF Artist Neil Shawcross with Peter Mulgrew and Cllr Niall O Donnghaile in Belfast yesterday
CLASH OF THE DAY Gary's sketches infringe the club's intellectual property rights, according to an NUFC spokesman who confirmed the legal threat GIVEN THE BRUSH OFF Artist Gary Hogg
Salman Rafiq Wednesday said that there was a need to create an endowment fund to help the needy artists, in which government as well as well off artists and philanthropists should contribute.
Assemble's work with residents regenerating homes in the Granby 4 Streets area of Toxteth saw off artists Bonnie Camplin, Janice Kerbel and Nicole Wermers for the prestigious award.
It is a strong claim for the form, and one that might -- and has -- put off artists and readers alike.
A malign example is Philip Morris' donation of money to museums, symphony orchestras, and opera houses, cynically aimed at buying off artists who might otherwise work to ban cigarettes.
He denied helping to rip off artists, profiting from their work or abusing copyrights.
The hearings, which were designed to take testimony and not consider policy, produced a general consensus that until all nations respect intellectual property rights, pirates will always find safe harbors from which to rip off artists, producers and the wide range of people their productions employ.
We must defend ideas, inventions and creativity from rip off artists and thieves,'' said U.
He added the society are keeping a close eye on the situation to stop pirates ripping off artists.
And some people have even had their phones cut off because they could not pay the bills after becoming hooked on these rip off artists," he slammed.
But the achievements of all three were dwarfed by The Beatles who held off artists such as Elvis Presley and Madonna for the top spot in the special chart.
BROWNED OFF Artists John Dyer, left, and Andy Morley and left, the controversial characters in their Metro artwork
I don't believe that I was helping anybody to con artists or rip off artists," he told jurors.