of your own making

of (one's) own making

Owing to one's own actions, especially one's mistakes or poor decisions. I know you're angry that you won't be able to compete in the tournament, but this whole mess is of your own making!
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of your own ˈmaking

(used about a problem or difficulty) caused by you rather than by somebody/something else: The problem is of your own making, so don’t try to blame anyone else.
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References in classic literature ?
And yet every person in the house would have been scandalized if the plain question had been put: You know this is a tyranny of your own making, you know you don't really believe in it, you know you don't really like it--why do you submit?
At Bournemouth crown court, Judge Sir Ian Kennedy said: "This is a tragedy entirely of your own making."
'This case is a tragedy for each of you and your families - though how much greater a tragedy it has been for your victim and his family - and it is a tragedy of your own making,' the judge told the trio.