of word

be a man/woman of his/her word

To be known for upholding one's promises. If Ted said that he'll help you move, then he'll definitely be here—he's a man of his word.
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of (one's) word

Displaying personal dependability: a woman of her word.
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The dictionary must draw the line somewhere--so it leaves this sort of words out.
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This paper presents two case studies that illustrate the multiple uses of word sorts, a word study phonics technique.
Benefits of word prediction include reducing keystrokes, assisting with word recall, increasing vocabulary through word prompting, and improving typing speed (Anson, 1997; Bower et al., 1998-1999).
One method works in all editions of Word editions; and starting with the 2000 edition, you have an additional option.
However, who back in 1947 would have envisioned experiencing a Jamaican-Chinese, lesbian wordsmith fire spitting love songs from a Broadway stage, joined by a multicultural crew of word slingers in a United Nations summit of syllables?
A simple example would be discerning the difference between "there" and "their." Through analysis of word position and sentence structure, the voice recognition system's language component determines the final selection of words and ultimately what they mean.
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The students were assessed using the Test of Word Finding, Second Edition (TWF-2; German, 2000).
In the past, the measure of word knowledge was being able to define the word.
Links are the Internet equivalent of word of mouth.
The sacraments and scripture, the formal faith of the church enshrined in the creeds, the cumulative experience of the Christian community that we call tradition are all expressions of word. But we also experience the word as it happens in our own lives, as it presents itself to us in terms of events and circumstances in which we find ourselves, in things that impinge upon us from the larger world.