of the sort

something of the sort

something of the kind just mentioned. The tree isn't exactly a spruce tree, just something of the sort. Jane has a cold or something of the sort.
See also: of, sort
References in classic literature ?
She says `There is nobody staying with us,' meaning nobody of the sort you mean.
Degrade is shown in Figure 5 as a function of the sort initial MC.
The normalized MC-basis steps valid for all of the sorts were determined from the average MC of unsorted lumber measured at the end of each time-based step.
Results of the study showed the students had significant increase in their reading grade level, fluency, vocabulary, reading accuracy, comprehension, and reading speed as a result of the Sort Stories curriculum.
He regards moralizing as a kind of mandating, speaks of "the effect of coercion in the politics of shame," and refers to the "deep coerciveness" of the sort of thinking that privileges marriage.
All four sets of the SORT were administered with both immediate and delayed (half hour) recall.
Partialling out the Rey Figure Copy scores, the time since onset of stroke did not correlate with any of the SORT measures (partial correlations, r = 0.
These correlations support the validity of the SORT as a measure of memory.
The two versions each of the verbal (words 1 and 2) and visual (male and female faces) sub-tests of the SORT are comparable with each other and may be used as alternative forms for the purpose of retesting.
Click the Options button in the lower left corner of the Sort dialog.
In fact, the native language code of the sort pattern could only be tested on the sorter itself.
So too, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, A Touch of Evil, and Amadeus paint frightening pictures of the sorts of people we are capable of becoming when our demons gain control.