of the persuasion

of the persuasion (that)

holding a belief that something is true or is in existence. Anne is of the persuasion that supports that candidate for mayor. The paranoid person was of the persuasion that aliens lived among us.
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of a/the... persuasion

(formal or humorous) of the type mentioned: As a young man, Max had always been of an artistic persuasion.peers of the Liberal persuasion
See also: of, persuasion
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Fourth, the persuadee is asked to make a certain judgement of the persuasion attempt.
The third element of the persuasion process is to connect emotionally with the group or individual.
Nonverbal communication is also an important part of the persuasion process.
Both include the new Persuasion Player -- a small, runtime application for viewing and distributing Persuasion slide shows independently of the Persuasion application; cross-platform support between the two new versions; and interapplication communication, including support for Publish and Subscribe in the Macintosh version and DDE (dynamic data exchange) and OLE (object linking and embedding) in the Windows version.