of service

of service (to someone or something)

Helping, serving, assisting, or working for someone or something Good evening, sir, how may I be of service? He has undoubtedly committed a transgression, but in consideration of his many unblemished years of service to the force, we are recommending unpaid suspension rather than complete dismissal.
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of service (to someone)

helping someone; serving someone. Good morning, madam. May I be of service to you? Welcome to the Warwick Hotel. May I be of service?
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This study evaluates the impact of service learning on student performance among Basic Statistics students.
At the core is the data collection, but accompanying the data is a mix of services that vary from campus to campus.
Among middle- and high-income economies today, services generate 62 percent of all employment on average, and the higher a country's GDP per capita, the higher the share of service employment (Figure 2).
448(d)(2)(A) lists the performance of services in "health, law, engineering, architecture, accounting, actuarial science, performing arts, or consulting" as taxpayer activities that constitute personal services.
The service would continue the airline's expansion in the Caribbean following the start of service to San Juan in 2002.
In addition to DAV's wide array of service officers working to make sure all disabled veterans, their widows and orphans receive the full range of veterans' benefits to which they are entitled, the DAV recognizes the need to not only provide DAV assistance at DAV National Service Offices, military separation centers, Departments and Chapters, but to extend service outreach into the communities where veterans live.
Depending on the type of service, you may want to consider direct mail, billboards, brochures, Web site, directories or even broadcast media.
The depth and breadth of a project like this epitomizes the concept of service learning, a way of integrating community involvement into schoolwork.
Each time a new type of service is introduced, new switch modules and new interface cards are required.
Two a priori assumptions herein, are that (a) consumers should be involved in all aspects of service planning, and (b) an initial step for researchers is to develop better measures of determining consumers' perceptions of services, planning, and evaluation of impact.
This problem also affects any employee who participated in the Board Plan, did not complete five years of service before 1987, and left the Board and reentered federal employment after a break in service of more than one year.
In light of these challenges, the two stakeholder groups--who were always mindful of their interdependence but who had previously experienced tensions over threatened tradeoffs between hours of service and levels of compensation-joined forces to work toward a solution that would, in the words of a contemporary slogan, "Keep what works, fix what's wrong, and fund it!"
Students were also generally positive about the value of service learning, indicating that the class helped them become more interested in solving community problems and that they gained a better understanding and appreciation of civic engagement.
"After evaluating several solutions from vendors in the marketplace, Luminous Networks gave us a way to add services across any physical transport while providing multiple classes of service. This flexibility on one platform was a winner for us."
SSH's mission is to lower the cost of doing business in the healthcare industry while providing members with an exceptional level of service. In 2002, we affiliated with MedAssets, a $7 billion national GPO with more than 16,000 members.