of note

someone of note

a person who is famous. We invited a speaker of note to lecture at the next meeting. The baseball player of note was inducted into the Hall of Fame.
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of note

Important, of distinction, famous, as in I have nothing of note to report, or The speaker was a man of note. This idiom uses note in the sense of "importance" or "fame." [Late 1500s]
See also: note, of

of ˈnote

(used after a noun) important or famous: The old theatre is one of the town’s few buildings of note.
See also: note, of
References in classic literature ?
Well, it was in Box Five one evening, I found a letter addressed to myself, a sort of note written in red ink.
Though students' deficiencies might be the result of ineffective or nonexistent training in notetaking behavior, another plausible explanation is that the classroom environment does not consistently prompt the behaviors necessary to produce a complete and accurate set of notes.
Users can review and sign their notes in real-time, eliminating the need for medical records personnel to track the progress of notes through the system.
8) Alternatively, Peracchi could have swapped promissory notes with a third party, contributing the note received in the swap, and then closing the loop with another exchange of notes.
The notes are part of the Citiseries subclass of notes in CCCIT, which is a multiple issuance series.
The Federal Reserve received the currency notes estimated to be circulating within the United States, on average, more than twice during the year, so that the Reserve Banks receive and examine a number of notes equal to about 20 percent of the domestic circulation each month.
268766BV3) will be determined based on an amended Applicable Spread of 60 basis points, in each case subject to a minimum price of $1,000 per $1,000 principal amount of Notes.
13) This may result partly from the habit of many people to save their pocket change at the end of the day, partly from the stock of uncollected coins in a larger number of vending machines, and partly from a tendency for banking and retail establishments to hold larger quantities of coins than of notes because of higher transportation costs.
EOP Operating Limited Partnership indicated that it has received the requisite consents sought with respect to each series of Notes under the 1995 Indenture and, accordingly, the consent payment deadline for such Notes has not been extended and withdrawal rights with respect to such Notes have now expired.
268766BV3) will be determined based on an amended Applicable Spread of 70 basis points, in each case subject to a minimum price of $1,000 per $1,000 principal amount of Notes.
Tenders of Notes prior to the Early Tender Date may be validly withdrawn and consents may be validly revoked at any time prior to the Early Tender Date, but not thereafter unless the tender offers and the consent solicitations are terminated without any Notes being purchased.
The Notes contain a net settlement feature so that upon conversion, the company will deliver cash equal to the lesser of the aggregate principal amount of Notes to be converted and the company's total conversion obligation, plus cash or shares of the company's common stock, at the company's election, for the remainder, if any, of the conversion obligation.
NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings upgrades two and affirms eight classes of notes issued by Addison CDO, Limited (Addison CDO).