of moment

of great moment

Of much importance or significance; momentous. This ruling is of great moment for members of the minority group, who have long been marginalized and victimized. This is an issue of great moment for every person on the planet.
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of ˈmoment

(after nouns) very important: matters of great moment
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Figure 9 described the variation of moments at different stages of construction.
There exist several methods to overcome this bottleneck, including but not limited to the quadrature method of moment (QMOM) [10], the direct quadrature method of moment (DQMOM) [11], and the Taylor-series expansion method of moment (TEMOM) [3, 12].
Substituting (4) into 2), a set of moment equations including integral and fractional moments can be obtained.
Hu introduced the concept of moments of images into the pattern recognition field in 1962 [5].
For decades, researchers have extended the concept of moments in various ways.
* Moment 5 retains the registral positions of Moment 4 but--in transformation--reorders the pitches, exposing additional symmetries, integrating the result into the motivic web together with a new pitch, G[MUSICAL NOTES NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
* Moment 12 is a transformation of Moment 1 and something of a new beginning as well.
By using a finer time grid, you'll catch an awful lot of moments that would otherwise be lost.
The Power of Moments challenges readers to be more intentional in creating experiences that will have a lasting impact.
Through considerable research and reflection, this is the task Dan and Chip Heath undertook in their book The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact.
The digital video behemoth created a choose-your-own-adventure version of Moments for the new mystery series that stars Joey Graceffa--who tweeted out the campaign.
Some of Moments creators are DeRay McKesson, Vayner Media an ad agency and brands like Nike and Budweiser.
Hosking [1] introduced the method of L-moments for the estimation of parameters that is similar to conventional method of moments. Elamir and Seheult [2] introduce TL- moments which is the extension of L-oments and decleared TL-moments are more robust then L-moments in case of outlires by assigning zero weight to all extreme values.
In order to encode the salient features of a given system into precise moment data, they establish an interdependence between the system's equilibrium measures, the encoding of the sequence of moments of these measures into operators, and a new correspondence between the system moment and this family of operators.
The distribution in values of moments calculated by NIST was very narrow, with a standard deviation of one polystyrene repeat unit, approximately.