of little/no account

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of no account

Of no or very little importance, significance, or worth. Sure, his writing is OK, but he only published a few articles in some tiny magazine of no account. Don't worry, the investigators on this case are of no account, so I'm confident our involvement will go undetected.
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of little/no acˈcount

(formal) not considered important: His past achievements were of no account when it came to competing with the younger men.
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Although the point is well made, Smith does, on occasion, complicate the argument in a less than constructive way by still seeking to prove or disprove the identity of the author of a text before going on to reiterate that the sex of the writer is of little account.
Other abuses" described in the instruction which do not pose a direct threat to the dignity or validity of the Eucharist but nevertheless "are not to be considered of little account, but are to be carefully avoided and corrected.
His message was that money was not the be-all and end-all of improving public services and was of little account unless accompanied by reform.
The culture of other groups, especially Harry's own native culture, was considered of little account by the rulers of the land, at that time.
He chastises those in France--journalists, historians, and public figures--who continue to insist that fascism was of little account in the national experience or that, whenever it did raise its ugly head, it was only a foreign import from across the Rhine or over the Alps.
Marriage in those days required women to accept that they were of little account and "to worry only about the desires of others, to quietly enjoy the plants and the fishbowl, unfolded socks and tidy drawers.
Bowdery bred two litters from her, apparently of little account, but the modern Lizette is mother of the smart Boherduff Light dog Marbeck Wonder, who chased home the record-breaking Ballymac Ruso at Monmore recently, beaten less than two lengths.
THE great French general Napoleon Bonaparte once said, ``Ability is of little account without opportunity''.
Granddam Extreme Beauty was apparently of little account, but her mother Star Ann ran-up for three trial stakes in her quest for a 1993 Oaks ticket.
Their offspring were of little account on the track, but maybe a measure of Deep Decision's excellence is now showing up in some of his grandchildren; he is the brood sire also of Roswell Spaceman and Directors Chair.
The daughter of Lomitas looked of little account after her fourth start, having been well held off an official mark of 58 on her handicap bow and given she had still to surpass a Racing Post Rating of 55.