of choice

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of (one's) choice

As chosen or desired by oneself, among all the options. My parents took me to the animal shelter and told me I could have the puppy of my choice.
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of choice

Preferred above others, as in A strike is the union's weapon of choice. Used with other prepositions ( by, for, with), all meaning "by preference," this idiom dates from about 1300.
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of ˈchoice (for somebody/something)

(used after a noun) that is chosen by a particular group of people or for a particular purpose: It’s the software of choice for business use.
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of choice

Preferred above others of the same kind or set: "the much used leveraged buyout as the weapon of choice" (Alison Leigh Cowan).
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(1) I will sometimes describe the question of whether a choice is justified in terms of whether a choosing is justified This is a mere stylistic convenience and should not be taken to imply that the justification of choice is equivalent to the justification of choosing.
If the answer is no--as it most certainly seems to be--then a feminist politics of choice will continue to include Susan Griffin's distinction between liberation and liberty.
Unlike some of Schwartz's earlier work, or his recent opinion articles, The Paradox of Choice is a book about psychology, not politics.
The likelihood is for both small-arms fire and giant cannon blasts in the politics of choice over the next decade or more.
The customer-facing employees of Choice are expected to stay on in the same capacity.
So, just like Megan Murphy, Emma Watson, Chimamanda and every real feminist out there fighting for the emancipation of the female folks and gender equality, the movement demands for real choices for women and wants to change the system within which those choices are made, and would not just be satisfied with the use of the language of choice to perpetuate the present oppressive system or to simply comfort women.
Reasoning as described above, she might hypothesize that the process of choice was too complex, and students might not have had good strategies for choosing appropriate problems.
Let's start by taking a look at Figure 1, which illustrates the endless cycle of choice overload.
A reasonable number of choices need to be identified.
The critical trials were divided, based on the number of choice options, into two categories: smaller choice set and larger choice set.
Part of the problem is that all of the well-intentioned talk about female empowerment in the third wave has left many of us fearful of falling into the much-criticized realm of "victim feminism." Maybe, for some, the empowerment message of choice is simply a reflection of a sense of entitlement to all the world has to offer.
Across the 50 experiments, which depict the choices of 5,036 individual participants, the researchers found that the overall effect of choice overload was virtually zero.
Although much attention has been given to the importance of choice and decision making in the rehabilitation counseling literature, there is a gap in the area of identification of the decision making style of consumers in the counseling relationship.