of all the

of all the

Used to express great annoyance, exasperation, impatience, or frustration with someone or something. You put diesel fuel into the car? Of all the stupid, careless things to do—now the car is ruined! Of all the nerve, implying that I'm somehow to blame for the project's failure!
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of all the nerve

An expression of shocked disapproval regarding something someone said or did. They thought I would just go along with their plan to cut my pay while taking on more responsibility. Of all the nerve! Why, of all the nerve! How dare you suggest something so horrible!
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of ˌall the ˈcheek, ˈnerve, stupid things to ˈdo, etc.!

(informal) used to express annoyance, impatience, etc. at what another person has done or said: Of all the idiots, leaving his car unlocked in the middle of town!
This expression is often used without a noun, especially to show that somebody is annoyed: She said I was fat? Well, of all the ...!
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Of all the nerve!

exclam. I am shocked by your domineering and high-handed behavior. Of all the nerve! Asking me to do a thing like that!
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