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in bad odor

In a state in which one is the subject of another's displeasure or ire. I've been in bad odor with my next door neighbor ever since my dog destroyed her garden. Unless you like being in bad odor with your teachers, you should stop disrupting their classes!
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in good odor

In a pleasant or favorable relationship with someone. I've been in good odor with my next door neighbor ever since I brought her some of my homemade cookies. Your sister is in good odor with her teachers because she always completes her homework on time.
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be in bad odor with

To be the target of another's anger or unhappiness. I've been in bad odor with Tiffany ever since she found out that I started that rumor about her. You will be in bad odor with the boss if you keep coming into work late.
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odor of sanctity

Fig. an atmosphere of excessive holiness or piety. I hate their house. There's such an odor of sanctity with Bibles and holy pictures everywhere. The huge, medieval Gothic cathedral had a distinct odor of sanctity.
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odor of sanctity

Exaggerated or hypocritical piety, an assumption of moral superiority, as in This candidate puts off some voters with his odor of sanctity. This expression, originating in the medieval idea that the dead body of a saintly individual gives off a sweet smell, was used to describe saintliness in the mid-1700s. Today it is generally used ironically.
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be in good/bad ˈodour (with somebody)

(formal) have/not have somebody’s approval and support: He’s in rather bad odour with his boss at the moment.
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References in classic literature ?
On the contrary, he avoided their actual touch or the direct inhaling of their odors with a caution that impressed Giovanni most disagreeably; for the man's demeanor was that of one walking among malignant influences, such as savage beasts, or deadly snakes, or evil spirits, which, should he allow them one moment of license, would wreak upon him some terrible fatality.
Soon, however,--as Giovanni had half hoped, half feared, would be the case,--a figure appeared beneath the antique sculptured portal, and came down between the rows of plants, inhaling their various perfumes as if she were one of those beings of old classic fable that lived upon sweet odors.
Odors, being a sort of element combined of the sensual and the spiritual, are apt to deceive us in this manner.
There was a swarm of summer insects flitting through the air in search of the food promised by the flower odors of the fatal garden.
Some of us, too," he concluded, "are very susceptible to strange odors.
This it is which administers to his delight in the manifold forms, and sounds, and odors and sentiments amid which he exists.
I mounted it, and vaguely expected the odors of Araby a gain.
Research continues to develop a usable relationship between chemical concentration and agricultural odor and devices to measure odor.
Every object's odor is unique because each scent is made up of distinctly shaped odor molecules.
One study found that CAFO neighbors experience lower secretion and concentration of an immune system protein during odor episodes; another reported livestock odor as having a negative impact on adult levels of tension, depression, and anger.
For repeatedly failing to correct foul odors at Bradley Landfill, Waste Management agreed to pay $20,000 in fines, fix its odor problems and donate $75,000 to charities, according to a settlement announced Tuesday.
offers a three-way system that provides odor control for multiple cats living under one roof.
The Gregory Brothers knew that their company would be under intense scrutiny, so they went to great lengths to ensure that debris from the landfill and odor from the composting operation would not be a problem.
As the woman rose from her seat, a horrendous body odor engulfed the room with a vengeance
The line includes scented odor-absorbing gels that destroy household odors and enhance the air with citrus, lavender or berry scents.