(the) odds are (that)

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(the) odds are (that)

It is very likely or probable that (something is the case or will happen). If you own your own business, odds are that you've had to deal with one of these many frustrations firsthand. I'll try to get there before you've started eating dinner, but the odds are I won't make it before 8 o'clock. You played sports all through childhood? So odds are you had an injury or two along the way, huh?
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odds are, the

The chances are, as in The odds are that they'll serve turkey for Thanksgiving. Replacing it is odds by the late 1600s, this phrase refers to betting.
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the odds ˈare (that...)

(also (it’s) odds-ˈon (that...)) it is very likely that: I don’t think we can come. The odds are that we won’t be able to get a babysitter — not on Christmas Eve.It was odds-on that they would decide to get married, so no one was surprised.
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If I'm a betting man, what do I think the odds are that the cosmos has a meaning and I have a place in it?
Without rest, followed by gradual movement and then strengthening exercise, odds are you'll injure your ankle again, and maybe worse.
He added, "The odds are very good about a proposal coming back then.
The odds are it will take about three months, which is about average.
A bet represents value for money if the odds are bigger than they should be.
The most common question I am asked by novice traders is: "How do you know which way the odds are going to go?" My first answer to that question is that you don't actually need to know where the odds are going in order to be successful, but that's another article all together!
Odds are supposed to anticipate the flow of money, and for a high-profile game the flow of money will not correspond with the best estimates that a non-partisan observer could give of the prospects of a home win, a draw and an away win.
I only tip a bet if I think the odds are in our favour, and although I don't think that way every day the returns from the bets that have been tipped in this column have not been disastrous.