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VICTOR Odds 16-1 Badass Victor's game plan is a tactical disaster.
Plenty will argue that no side should be odds on at the outset to win one of the most competitive leagues in Europe.
com/college-basketball/odds/futures/) here to get complete betting odds for every team in the 2013 NCAA Tournament.
In the aforementioned fixture, fair odds for a corners match bet would be 4-6 for the home team, 10-1 for a tie and 11-5 for the away team.
Males' odds of having engaged in any risk behavior during the follow-up period increased by 3% for every one-point increase on the depressive symptoms scale; the odds of nonuse of condoms, nonuse of contraceptives and substance use at last sex each rose by 2-4% per one-point increase in the level of depressive symptoms.
And the odds are you've never been exposed to a bigger crock of nonsense in all your life.
If you fancy United to record a 1-0 victory Hills are offering odds of 13/2, if you dare to bet on Steve McClaren's men going on to win 2-0, then you will be rewarded with odds of 10/1.
jsp) odds on whether Kate and William's child will be a boy or girl as well as the name, hair color and weight of the royal baby.
The odds of such a reversal at Wave 2 were elevated among adolescents who had initiated intercourse between interviews and among those who repudiated born again Christianity in the second interview.
THE TABLE shows the odds that produce the same return on a winning eachway bet compared to the equivalent buy quote on a standard 50 win index offered by the spread betting firms.
1 Johannesburg 6-1 odds, Jockey Gary Stevens, Trainer Aidan O'Brien
Ticket Prices Track Super Bowl Odds - The Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers are the only teams with average ticket prices above $250.
Odds to win: 20-1 HIGHLIGHT: Falling out of his hammock.
ODDS - 14- 2 LONG RUN You'll be watching through your fingers if you back the 2011 Gold Cup winner.