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in which dative vagis refers to the subject of tenebant, but hardly the oddness of the idea that primitive people `held' or `inhabited' places which were known to them as they wandered about.
His suggests that the images for which one should search are those which stand out because of their oddness; their strangeness ("violence, shock value, bloodiness, obscenity") allows their inscription as carriers of a textual message.
(When asked if his newborn is a boy or a girl, Gomez proudly blurts out, "It's an Addams!".) But what remains unclear is whether they value the family in spite of their oddness or because of their oddness.
But of course those who think the oddness is more than unfamiliarity will find the passages he quotes no less odd than the original assertion.
McLynn is not out to politicise the Victorian explorer, but he stirs some muddy psychological waters when mulling over the oddness of the male psyche when let loose in Africa -- a fascinating if not lucid read.
Oddness followed, with one-armed drumming in old kitchens and the classic mixing instruction "More barn!" shouted from a boat.
Ironically, if he'd ditched trying to emulate the Coens' trademark oddness, this may have worked as an intense character study.
I was then struck by the oddness of the fact that I was taking a picture of a picture.
Quirky and charming NEW sitcom Fried (BBC3, Tuesday) didn't get off to a brilliant start, but its oddness was charming and disarming.
And in-keeping with the oddness that has always surrounded Ben Arfa, a fly on the wall documentary will be made about the Frenchman's life away from football.
He added: "There were some veterans who having spent nightmarish days under heavy bombing, with slaughter all around them recalled the dazzling oddness of getting back to England and seeing cricket being played under the very same blue skies that just 30 miles away Stukas were screaming down from.
8DA YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Aliases 9 Avian 10 Intro 11 Islamic 12 Oar 13 Bakewell 16 Raillery 17 Bid 19 America 21 Churn 22 Train 23 Kittens DOWN: 1 Janitor 2 Listeria 3 Oslo 4 Galloway 5 Firm 6 Knock 8 Stickleback 13 Billions 14 Laboured 15 Oddness 18 Cacti 20 Eras 21 Cats QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Deaf as a post 8 Lid 9 Ore 11 Aviator 12 Spoil 13 Pat 14 Too 15 Deleted 17 Lip 19 Ache 21 Rest 23 Menu 25 Poor 27 Due 29 Alarmed 31 Led 34 Meg 36 Lying 37 Oatmeal 38 Yes 39 Ace 40 Scotch broth DOWN: 1 Diva 2 Edit 3 Fitness 4 Server 5 Paste 6 Soot 7 Trio 8 Lapel 10 Elope 16 Dan 18 Pro 20 Cud 22 Era 24 Elector 25 Polly 26 Brooch 28 Eagle 30 Light 32 Eyes 33 Disc 34 Meat 35 Each
This is mundane oddness is probably best expressed in "Poem Was A Man," which tells the story of a man who, upon discovering he's dying, tattoos facts about himself on his skin: "Knows UFOs are real/ bites open beer bottles."
Even he is trounced in the oddness stakes by the family's benignly (we hope) creepy neighbour Jim.
Surely nothing will ever hit the heights of contrary oddness that Kevin Rowland managed with his cross–dressing 1999 solo work My Beauty.