odd jobs

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odd job

A miscellaneous, nonspecialized job or task. My grandparents always had a few odd jobs for us to do around their house if we were ever looking to earn a bit of extra cash as kids. He's been earning a living as a handyman of sorts, doing odd jobs for people around town.
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ˌodd ˈjobs

various small, practical tasks, repairs, etc. in the home, often done for other people: I’ve got some odd jobs to do around the apartment; the bedroom door needs to be painted and the light fixed. ▶ ˌodd-ˈjob man noun (especially British English) a person who is employed to do odd jobs
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Another activity, coach runs, sees participants visit isolated people, while mission runs see them run to visit older people to help with odd jobs like gardening or DIY.
Muscat: Ahmad Rasheed, a Pakistani national, who entered Oman illegally one year ago, hunts for odd jobs every day.
He left their employment immediately after the four-month period and had been eking out a living through odd jobs since then.
GladlyDo connects people and organizations needing odd jobs and errands done at a reasonable rate with fully vetted college students Doers.
The study reveals that 48 per cent of people in the North West no longer feel it is taboo to hire help around the house, and think nothing of getting someone in to help with odd jobs such as putting up shelves, blinds or curtain polls.
Penny, who currently works at the Riverhead pub, Marsden, said: "I'll do cleaning, glass bottle collections, dog walking - whatever odd jobs people have."
Unlike Ed Balls and his Labour Cabinet colleagues, not all are millionaires: many people need these odd jobs to make ends meet and feed their families.
Katie recalled: "We had tried to help Leonard out by giving him odd jobs, but this one day he just suddenly turned nasty.
Many Umrah performers plan to overstay in the Kingdom after their visas have expired eyeing odd jobs. However, Umrah companies, responsible for the return of all Umrah performers under their care, do not seem to care about Saudi visa laws.
The 22-year-old, who wants to be known as Shereen, has no passport or an identity card and has taken up odd jobs to make ends meet to support her ill mother, two younger siblings and older sister.
Rhona plans to matchmake for Marlon, while Declan encourages Adam to get closer to Mia by offering him odd jobs on the estate.
He asked his brother to keep an eye on me and the kids so he pops in every couple of days and does any odd jobs.
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Repairers with Camberley Care Trust have been ordered by Surrey county council to grill elderly people on their medical past and ethnicity before doing any odd jobs.