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occur in a split second

To happen in an instant; to happen in less than a full second of time. The accident that took my leg occurred in a split second, but I've been coming to terms with the effects of it for years.
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occur to (one)

To be (suddenly) realized by one; to come into one's mind. It occurs to me that I never explained why we need these extra computers. Did it ever occur to you that maybe I was trying to do you a favor?
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occur to someone

[for an idea or thought] to come into someone's mind. It occurred to me that you might be hungry after your long journey. Would it ever occur to you that I want to be left alone?
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occur to one

Come to mind, as in It never occurred to me that he might refuse. [Early 1600s]
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occur to

To come to someone's mind: When it occurred to me that I could leave the party whenever I wanted, I felt more at ease.
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Journals are typically kept as a continuous history for a few days covering the period of maximum likelihood for a data recovery action to occur. Journals are often used for databases and are especially good for protecting from intrusion and data corruption enabling restores to go back in time to a point precisely before the corruption occurred.
Also cited as evidence in support of environmental contributions to this disease is that PD occurs in greater frequency in industrialized countries.
[Rather], heat occurs here from the reflection of light and air is heated by this process as can be observed in the [experiment of] burning mirrors.
Some assaults are particularly violent and/or occur in the presence of witnesses.
Syncope that occurs during exercise tends to be more ominous than that occurring in the post-exertional state(2).
Mechanical penetration also can occur where the metal impinges on the mold wall.
The first question to be answered then is whether transmission occurs readily during PHI and, perhaps, whether it occurs more readily than at other stages of infection as has been proposed by some models.
need for the development of better drugs, and the need for more creative research into why the various toxicities occur, how to predict which patients are most vulnerable to which drugs, and better ways to prevent the problems from developing.
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Building upon these two instructional presentations, the patient may also be referred to a sexuality clinic for further information about their sexual potential or remediation of problems which may occur. It is important that in this time of change in the healthcare system, the need to maintain healthy sexuality in persons with spinal cord injury not be ignored.
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