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occupy (oneself)

To keep oneself busy or distracted (by doing something). A: "It might take a while for this to finish up." B: "Don't worry about me, I can occupy myself." The children like to occupy themselves by reading.
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occupy (someone or oneself) by (doing something)

To keep oneself or someone else busy or distracted by doing something. A: "It might take a while for this to finish up." B: "Don't worry about me, I can occupy myself by reading." Dan's occupying the kids by showing them different bugs in the back yard.
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occupy (someone or oneself) with (something)

To keep oneself or someone else busy or distracted with some activity or thing. A: "It might take a while for this to finish up." B: "Don't worry about me, I can occupy myself with a book." Dan's occupying the kids with a bug hunt in the back yard.
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occupy oneself (by something)

to keep busy by doing something. Don't worry. I can occupy myself by knitting or sewing. While waiting, I occupied myself by knitting a scarf.
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occupy someone with something

to keep someone busy with something. Can you occupy the child with this toy? Here, occupy yourself with this crossword puzzle.
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occupy with

1. To fill, hold, or control some place through some set of things or people: The army occupied the town with their third division. The town built new office buildings and occupied them with workers from the health department.
2. To fill some period of time by engaging in or with something: I occupied my spare time with books. You'll never be able to occupy your entire morning with writing.
3. To engage someone in some activity or some object of attention: The teacher occupied the students with their science projects for the morning. During the cold winter afternoons, we occupied ourselves with card games.
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Canopy Studios: This design studio occupies 600 s/f and is relocating from Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn.
The plaintiff's lawyer, Jeffrey Turkel, of the law firm of Rosenberg & Estis, claimed that the defendants were not entitled to a renewal lease because the occupant of the apartment, Johnny Winter, was a subtenant of a corporation Ole Pa and that no particular individual is specified in the apartment lease as the intended occupant who occupies the apartment as a primary residence.
which occupies 2,000 square feet and Fleet Bank and U.
the internationally-known cosmetics wholesaler with an intensive telemarketing and e-commerce-based distribution channel, which occupies a 25,000 square foot loft space at 45 Washington Street.
The statute defines an occupant as a person, other than the tenant or a member of the tenant's family, who occupies the apartment with the tenant's consent.
Kidder now occupies nearly the entire building either through direct leases or due to sublease of EAB space.
The organization currently occupies 180,000 square-feet at that location and has an option for the top two floors as well as the garage and land.
When Comdisco occupies its offices in Whiteweld Centre this month, it will be the fifth corporation with quarters here the second to occupy the building's 160,000-square-foot- north wing.