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Captain Obvious

A person who makes a statement or statements of such obvious meaning or implication as to be entirely redundant, superfluous, or unnecessary. Pauline: "The President has said that lower-class families are bearing the brunt of the recession worse than anyone else." Johnny: "Thank you, Captain Obvious!" A: "Your photos are out of focus because you didn't adjust the lens properly." B: "Wow, Captain Obvious strikes again!"
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from the Department of the Bleeding Obvious

Of such an obvious meaning or implication as to be completely redundant, superfluous, or unnecessary. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Pauline: "The Prime Minister has said that lower-class families are bearing the brunt of the recession worse than anyone else." Johnny: "Wow, any other riveting news from the Department of the Bleeding Obvious?"
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obviousness. Finally, Section I.D analyzes three additional nuances of
(151) In the first Nevada proceeding, the patent was held invalid as obvious, but in the subsequent Delaware proceeding, the defendant asserted obviousness in light of different prior art not presented in the Nevada action.
(5) It is also perhaps the most vexing doctrine to apply, in significant part because the ultimate question of obviousness has an "I know it when I see it" quality that is hard to break down into objective elements.
Taking once again my example of the Section 103 PHOSITA policy lever, we can draw a clear parallel to the deployment of the obviousness standard across industrial sectors.
Against this background, the obviousness or non-obviousness of the subject matter is determined." Id.
* "Bar" is short for "can bar/prevent patentability of the claimed new invention." Of course, the actual effectiveness of the bar depends on the exact contents of the new and prior arts--that is, on the presence or absence of anticipation or obviousness.
Proving this was an essential component to the obviousness defense.
For all three conditions, this resulted in a U-shaped distribution, as subjects who thought the patent was either highly likely or highly unlikely to be obvious were more confident in their responses than subjects who concluded the obviousness decision was a closer call.
(23) However, if likelihood of success correlates with obviousness, the drug may not be patentable.
[section] 103 obviousness to deal with overly simplistic software patents, we instead look to [section] 101 to attempt to define software--it is not a process, not a machine, not a manufacture, and not a composition of matter box.
Judges Alan Lourie and Kimberly Moore said, in In re Baxter International, that the prior court rulings did not bar the PTO from re-examining the patent for obviousness.
test to assess the question of obviousness for chemical compounds.
Then she discusses the cases generally in terms of anticipation, obviousness, the impact of lowering the bar for the patentability of selection inventions, and different views in other jurisdictions.
Although thesps Peter Schneider and Timur Massold make an affecting duo, pic is infected with a twee, post-hippy strain of German Romanticism, while the script makes its big author's-message points with thudding obviousness, also a flaw inherent in Weingartner's earlier pics, "The Edukators" and "Reclaim Your Brain." After a couple of lest forays, pic will open domestically in February.