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obtain (something) for (someone or something)

To manage in gathering or gaining possession of something on behalf of someone for use with something. Did you obtain the documents for me that I requested? We'll need to obtain a search warrant for the compound.
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obtain something for someone or something

to get or receive something for someone or something. I promised I would obtain a pet for Becky. I obtained a new part for the vacuum cleaner.
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In Pre- Medical group (boys) Saif Ul Malook of ILM College Sargodha again secured first position by obtaining 1026 marks; Mohammad Ubaid Ullah of Superior College Derya Khan district Bhakkar got second position by getting 1024 marks while Mohammad Ahmad of Punjab College of Information Technology Sargodha remained third wit008 marks.
After adjustments for numerous demographic, medical, logistical, emotional and interpersonal variables, multivariate logistic regression revealed several factors associated with an increased risk of second-trimester abortion: prior second-trimester abortion (odds ratio, 5.9), difficulty in obtaining state insurance (4.4), initial referral elsewhere (4.1), difficulty in finding a provider (2.3) and uncertainty about the timing of the last menstrual period (2.3).
Thus, formal and informal self-assessment and career assessment are major sources of input while the individual is in this status, as are obtaining and integrating career information.
Because of the outcry in Mexico, ChoicePoint "has scrapped its practice of obtaining and selling personal information on Mexican citizens," The Wall Street Journal reported in June.
Obtaining permanent residence status in the United States (based on employment) is a three-step process.
As surgeons, we are all familiar with the necessity of obtaining written informed consent, but as prescribers of eardrops, obtaining such consent is new territory.
This approach has many obvious advantages such as substantially reducing the time and cost involved in obtaining component loads and allowing for design changes to be quickly implemented.
Under the concept, if a CPA has a valid license from a state with CPA licensing criteria that are "substantially equivalent" to those outlined in the UAA, then the CPA can cross state lines to practice in another state without obtaining a license in that state.
Initially designed to provide a means for obtaining commercial support, the ISS program has become an efficient forum that enables FMS customers to address their problems with the U.S.
Proper grain refinement and modification is crucial to controlling your casting's microstructure and obtaining optimum mechanical characteristics.
In the case of the General Chemistry class, the authors were interested in obtaining some indication of typical student results from this experiment.
Obtaining a license to manufacture and market Olympic merchandise has proven a tough task for African-American companies.
In the case of chlorobutyl and bromobutyl, the polymer degradation (chain scissioning) which occurs under electron bombardment, was also exploited for obtaining contrast.
Mohammad Haris of ILM College for Boys Sargodha clinched the first position by obtaining 1040 marks Ayesha Ghani of ILM College for Commerce for Women Sargodha secured the second position and obtained 1030 marks while Aqsa Asif of Punjab College for Women Sargodha got third position by getting 1028 marks.
According to Media Liaison Unit, a successful grower namely Habib Ullah Khan from Jalalpur Pir Wala has obtained first position by obtaining 14021.791 KG production of onion, Malik Allah Dittah from Shujabad bagged second position by obtaining 12486.754 kg onion production and Mohammad Ramzan from Jalalpur Pir Wala clinched third position by obtaining 8444.293 kg onion production per acre in open field.