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obtain (something) for (someone or something)

To manage in gathering or gaining possession of something on behalf of someone for use with something. Did you obtain the documents for me that I requested? We'll need to obtain a search warrant for the compound.
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obtain something for someone or something

to get or receive something for someone or something. I promised I would obtain a pet for Becky. I obtained a new part for the vacuum cleaner.
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USD 53,585 million loans, USD 7,474 million grants, USD 14,286 million IMF loans were obtained to support rehabilitation of floods and earthquake victims.
He obtained 55,470 votes while PTI candidate Haji Maqsood Sabir Ansari could obtain 24,822 votes.
PPP's another candidate Shahjahan Baloch and Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal's (MMA) candidate Syed Abdur Rasheed also obtained nomination forms to contest the poll from the same constituency.
The loan has been obtained by Pakistan ambassador in US with the permission of foreign secretary on his personal guarantee.
Documents can be obtained from Bapco's contracts department at Bapco, tel: 17752995/17757054, by payment of BD25.
Water samples were obtained at different locations once a month in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, from March 14, 2004, through February 16, 2005 (5).
* Barry Swartz obtained permanent financing in the amount of $1,680,000 for a five story walk up apartment building on West 139th Street.
Can the written permission be obtained through the use of an engagement letter that discloses the anticipated use of the external service provider?
To examine this issue, researchers used data from birth and abortion certificates obtained from the Texas Department of State Health Services to compare changes in rates of abortion and birth among minors before and after the law took effect.
In analyzing the problem, I spoke with uniformed deputies and had them determine how minors obtained alcohol.
The repetition ability of measurements was also tested, and the obtained results are in figures 3 and 4.
If MnS precipitation occurred before solidification, tensile strength would be reduced; however, maximum tensile strength would be obtained if MnS precipitation was avoided prior to the onset of solidification.
Effects of interaction among different configurations in one of these cases are theoretically investigated, and a formula is obtained that describes the behavior of absorption spectrum intensity.
Has already obtained a four-month extension to file Form 709 on Form 4868 and needs an additional extension for Form 709 only.