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obtain (something) for (someone or something)

To manage in gathering or gaining possession of something on behalf of someone for use with something. Did you obtain the documents for me that I requested? We'll need to obtain a search warrant for the compound.
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obtain something for someone or something

to get or receive something for someone or something. I promised I would obtain a pet for Becky. I obtained a new part for the vacuum cleaner.
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Catherine, on why she never married, said: "The desirable were never obtainable and the obtainable were not desirable.
Tickets at pounds 6.50 are obtainable on 0151-342 4226 or 0151-334 1221.
This is done by submitting Form N-288C, obtainable from the Hawaii Dept.
PCF gaskets are obtainable now at an average cost of $0.10 for a 3 cm X 3 cm die-cut part.
An oral form of the chemotherapeutic agent cladribine (Mylinax), produced by IVAX and Serono, has been tested preliminarily to determine if the oral form can achieve the blood levels obtainable with an intravenous preparation.
Tickets were obtainable from the West Door of St Paul's Cathedral in London.
According to the company, beginning on 12 December VYKE PC prices will be at least 5% lower than those obtainable from SkypeOut and, for those destinations to which VYKE is already up to 50% cheaper, the current prices will remain.
It was only obtainable by a personal Act of Parliament.
Completed ballots forms, which are obtainable by ringing 01745 589021 or e-mailing dewi.davies@tourism.wales.gov.uk, must be returned by November 9
He says a lot of the baby boomers are going back to more of the old-style sidings and heavier trims, products which are not easily obtainable.
The IDF will start distributing publications in electronic form, which will be obtainable on the Internet with a login and password.
Each profile offers a black-and-white photograph (if obtainable) of the famous author, a brief biographical sketch often with quotes and snippets from interviews, a list of works, and a list of articles and websites for further information.
Five levels of discount are available, ranging from a $2 discount obtainable with 2,500 greenpoints up to $50 off with 40,000 greenpoints.
Cleaned, chopped chicken feathers are combined what the ARS calls "easily obtainable, naturally derived materials" and processed using traditional plastic-making equipment.
As soon as bricks are obtainable, all tin chimneys must be removed.