obsessed with

obsessed with (someone or something)

Excessively or solely focused on, preoccupied with, or infatuated with someone or something. For as long as I've known him, Dan has been obsessed with making money. I think it's because he grew up in poverty. A few of my fans seem obsessed with me, but I think they're harmless.
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*obsessed with someone or something

preoccupied with someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) Kathy was obsessed with the kitten. Roger was obsessed with Kathy.
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'Ang gusto natin 'yong mga mamamayan 'pag bumoto, bumoto with informed choice [...] hindi kami obsessed with debate, we're obsessed with informing the public about various issues,' Hilbay clarified.
And my water, I'm obsessed with water and drinking a lot.
And in this Turkey, when we criticize Erdoy-an for possessing the real power, some people say that we are "obsessed with Erdoy-an."
I WASSLIGHTLY obsessed with Eddie Izzard's The Definite Article when I was in my early 20s.
Collins and tells of Emmy, who is obsessed with finding a link between hundreds of unsolved cases (including the death of her own sister).
While her friends are obsessed with Barbies and dolls and princesses, my baby is obsessed with the Torahprimarily Moses and all the stories related to him.
Have you ever been obsessed with something like your character is obsessed in the story?
Sinanaj had previously admitted that she is obsessed with Kardashian's body and wanted to be exactly the same.
After his ninja phase Bradley, now 38, became obsessed with soldiers and wanted to enroll in a military academy.
Alan Edwards, 75, who served in the army for 20 years, was said to be obsessed with sex in his younger years.
You can understand why celebs get obsessed with their bodies, the mags are full of "who's eaten all the pies" headlines, followed by "eek, she's a lollipop".
The psychological thriller sees Beyonce star as Sharon, a woman whose seemingly perfect life unravels when one of her husband's colleagues becomes obsessed with him.
Now he sets out to see if the kids of today are as obsessed with music as those of yesteryear.
MAGGIE, Sunderland, Although Glenda may be concerned with pensioners maintaining an active post-retirement lifestyle, (including post-retirement working), I do appreciate that other posters may be obsessed with the plethora of freebies which are awarded to pensioners, (such as TV licence, travel), and which may impact on their benefits.