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obsessed with (someone or something)

Excessively or solely focused on, preoccupied with, or infatuated with someone or something. For as long as I've known him, Dan has been obsessed with making money. I think it's because he grew up in poverty. A few of my fans seem obsessed with me, but I think they're harmless.
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*obsessed with someone or something

preoccupied with someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) Kathy was obsessed with the kitten. Roger was obsessed with Kathy.
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'Ang gusto natin 'yong mga mamamayan 'pag bumoto, bumoto with informed choice [...] hindi kami obsessed with debate, we're obsessed with informing the public about various issues,' Hilbay clarified.
Many people argue that being obsessed isn't a good thing.
But he did not listen to me, he was obsessed," he continued.
And if you happen to object to the regime that they call "presidential" but nobody knows what it really is, they again label you "obsessed with Erdoy-an."
"I was obsessed with soldiers, wanting to be a soldier.
A jury was told that he became obsessed with a little girl and sexually abused her.
You can understand why celebs get obsessed with their bodies, the mags are full of "who's eaten all the pies" headlines, followed by "eek, she's a lollipop".
Summary: Beyonce says new movie Obsessed was a step outside her "comfort zone".
Robin is in his late thirties and wonders if his generation was the last of the truly obsessed pop kids.
MAGGIE, Sunderland, Although Glenda may be concerned with pensioners maintaining an active post-retirement lifestyle, (including post-retirement working), I do appreciate that other posters may be obsessed with the plethora of freebies which are awarded to pensioners, (such as TV licence, travel), and which may impact on their benefits.
opinion polls which [indicate] that the overwhelming majority of you want the withdrawal of the forces from Iraq." He seems a little obsessed by opinion polls.
If you re a political junkie who's obsessed with ideology this book might not be for you.
In Fairies, Phryne is asked to solve the murder of Miss Lavender, a writer/illustrator obsessed with fairies, who also writes an advice column for a woman's magazine.
They are just as obsessed with words as their younger counterparts, but unlike the kids in Spellbound, these guys don't have to know what the words mean, just how many letters they have and how many points they're worth.