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obliterate (someone or something) from (something or some place)

To erase or destroy every trace of someone or something from some place or thing. The military coup has become hell bent on obliterating their opponents from every corner of the country. We'll have to use a sandblaster to obliterate the graffiti from the wall.
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slang Extremely drunk. They kept feeding me shots of tequila on my birthday, so I was completely obliterated by the end of the night.
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obliterate someone or something from something

to destroy or wipe out someone or something from something. Karen obliterated the writing from the wall. Max set out to obliterate Lefty "Fingers" Moran from the face of the earth.
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mod. drunk. Fred was obliterated and couldn’t walk to his car, let alone drive it.
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Harmanli states that "the fundamental reason for choosing an obliterative procedure .
This is, in both cases, due to an obliterative vasculitis affecting the vasa vasora of the vessels characterised by white cell cuffing around the vessels.
Bartley Griffith, MD, chief of the division of cardiothoracic surgery at UP said aggressive obliterative bronchiolitis begins to appear by about 2 years after lung transplant and peaks about 3 years after the procedure.
Fournier's Gangrene is a relatively uncommon infection, usually beginning with insidious onset of pruritus and discomfort of the external genitalia, perineal and perianal regions and characterized by widespread fascial necrosis with relative sparing of skin and underlying muscle leading to obliterative endarteritis resulting in gangrene.
19] The histopathological features of the organs affected by IgG4-related systemic disease are similar, with characteristic findings including dense lymphoplasmacytic inflammation, sclerosis, periductal inflammation, acinar atrophy, inflammatory pseudotumors of the involved organ, and obliterative phlebitis.
The fundamental reason for choosing an obliterative procedure such as colpocleisis over total pelvic reconstruction is to treat the prolapse with the least invasive technique in the shortest time.
The risk of complications was significantly lower among those aged 80 and older undergoing obliterative procedures, such as colpocleisis or colpectomy, compared with reconstructive procedures, such as vaginal vault suspension with or without hysterectomy (17% vs.
A case of calcification of the arteries and obliterative endarteritis associated with hydronephrosis in a child aged six months.
Increased plasma FXIII activity has been reported in patients with obliterative atherosclerosis (7) and diabetic angiopathy (8), and in chronic leukemia patients with increased megakaryocytic activity (9).
There are 2 different patterns of small airway involvement in IBD: bronchiolitis and obliterative bronchiolitis (see below).
5 Although a retrospective review of the postprocedure CT scan did not reveal air in the coronary arteries, the presence of air in the root and descending parts of aorta, transient ischemic changes on EKG, and mild cardiac enzyme elevation without any obliterative thrombus on coronary angiogram test made coronary artery air embolism the primary cause of this patient's symptoms.
ATLANTA -- Occlusion with plastic wrap may improve the delivery of topical estrogen to the vaginal area in postmenopausal women with vaginal atrophy who are being prepared for pelvic reconstructive or obliterative surgery, Peter L.
7) Based on the outcomes of 38 stapedectomies, he concluded that children with otosclerosis have a high incidence of obliterative disease and that postponing surgery only worsens the footplate pathology, which makes subsequent surgical procedures more difficult.