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obliterate (someone or something) from (something or some place)

To erase or destroy every trace of someone or something from some place or thing. The military coup has become hell bent on obliterating their opponents from every corner of the country. We'll have to use a sandblaster to obliterate the graffiti from the wall.
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slang Extremely drunk. They kept feeding me shots of tequila on my birthday, so I was completely obliterated by the end of the night.
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obliterate someone or something from something

to destroy or wipe out someone or something from something. Karen obliterated the writing from the wall. Max set out to obliterate Lefty "Fingers" Moran from the face of the earth.
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mod. drunk. Fred was obliterated and couldn’t walk to his car, let alone drive it.
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Then Hurricane Katrina barreled into Gulf Coast on Tuesday, virtually obliterating everything in the path of its 145 mph winds and sending oil and gas production into a nosedive.
However, by relinquishing control, we submit to the obliterating process that the Other visits upon us, and we are transformed.
Her goal is to get people talking about race and crime with the hope of obliterating the imaginary connections between minorities and crimes and the self-fulfilling prophecies of those concocted links.
Via Dolorosa, 2002, for example, is an eighteen-minute video that silently replays the crucifixion sequence from Franco Zeffirelli's 1977 TV drama Jesus of Nazareth, with a black square obliterating all but the extreme edge of the image.
Shadows follow the characters like a presence, obliterating their faces, looming over them like a cloud and closing in from all sides.
He becomes hell-bent on obliterating the secret cloning lab - which seems a little churlish.
The bill requires disposal of personal information by shredding, erasing or otherwise obliterating.
The ending is brilliant, as blank quilt panels descend onto the stage, one for each dancer, obliterating all in brightly colored doom.
Ironically, says Head, the widespread fractures may also be obliterating compelling evidence of an underground ocean-namely, the smooth areas that would have been created by eruptions of water ice.