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obliterate (someone or something) from (something or some place)

To erase or destroy every trace of someone or something from some place or thing. The military coup has become hell bent on obliterating their opponents from every corner of the country. We'll have to use a sandblaster to obliterate the graffiti from the wall.
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slang Extremely drunk. They kept feeding me shots of tequila on my birthday, so I was completely obliterated by the end of the night.
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obliterate someone or something from something

to destroy or wipe out someone or something from something. Karen obliterated the writing from the wall. Max set out to obliterate Lefty "Fingers" Moran from the face of the earth.
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mod. drunk. Fred was obliterated and couldn’t walk to his car, let alone drive it.
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And millions of people who were already poor have become impoverished by this industry." Carl Safina, director of the Living Oceans Campaign of the National Audubon Society, adds that the process of making shrimp ponds "affects the ecosystem in the same way the corn belt affected the tall grass prairie - it obliterates it."
Losses can occur for several reasons: a computer "crash," which occurs when the hard disk drive that stores data malfunctions; the office is hit by an electrical blackout, corrupting data stored on the hard disk; an employee purposely or accidentally erases data; a fire or other disaster destroys the office; or a computer virus obliterates all the data files.
Occasionally someone walks directly toward the camera and obliterates the scene with the darkness of his silhouette; the illusion of unchecked advance seems to shatter the picture planc.
The choreography affirms their estimable athleticism but obliterates dynamic nuance.
He is at once victim, hero, martyr: a metaphor for his own fragility as an HlV-positive person--though, happily, his robust presence obliterates all traces of potential mortality.
A big blue rectangle set slightly left of center obliterates all but two buildings of the nocturnal cityscape.