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Much obliged.

Rur. Thankful and owing a debt of gratitude. A: Sit down, Elmer, and have a drink on me. B: Much obliged.
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oblige someone by something

to accommodate someone by doing something. Please oblige me by closing the window. Would you oblige me by accompanying me to the dance?
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oblige someone to do something

to require someone to do something. You are obliged to arrive on time and enter by the side door. The lateness of the hour obliged Tony to enter by the back door.
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oblige someone with something

to accommodate someone with something. He obliged her with a willing attitude. Please oblige me with a big piece of cake.
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noblesse oblige

privilege entails responsibility.
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N Obliging supermarkets to have a price and information scanner on each shopping trolley
4- Obliging to fill the local market needs of the company products.
When the Buenos Aires province legislature, in a rare display of eagerness, voted to authorize the restructuring in January it included an option permitting, but not obliging, the province to entrust the process to the federal government.
The new law carries a clause obliging the Diet to review the interest rate ceiling after three years in view of potential business difficulties small shoko lenders may face as a result of the cutback in the binding upper interest limit.
sponsored conference in Kyoto in December 1997, some 160 countries adopted a protocol legally obliging developed countries to reduce aggravated emissions of greenhouse gases by 5.
The council has been discussing the survival of the two mines as the current law obliging domestic private power utilities to purchase coal from them expires at the end of fiscal 2001, on March 31, 2002.
The moon kissed my womb and settled me into the life of everyone's someone, obliging me to find beauty between bruises.
They recall 1529, when the Turks besieged Vienna, not as obliging guest workers, but as world conquerors.
l Obliging all ministries and government-owned companies to employ disabled Bahrainis so they make up at least two per cent of their workforce.
That has made it a profitable race for punters with seven of the last 12 favourites obliging to the tune of a pounds 9.
The latest proposal, submitted by the Council of Ministers, sets a e1/450,000 campaign spending limit for candidates, as well as obliging each to publish a document detailing how the campaign money had been spent.
The revisions will also aim at obliging any company whose facility consumes at least 6 million kwh annually or 1,500 kl of energy in crude-oil terms to report results because they are currently required only to record them.
The government will enable Japan's last two remaining coal mines to continue operating by obliging the power industry to buy domestic coal despite its higher price than imported coal, government sources said Wednesday.
A simple look at the mainstream debuts of Robert Rodriguez and Kevin Smith (Desperado and Mallrats, respectively_ - not to mention the horrific forthcoming Four Rooms (by four Sundance alumnae) should disabuse most people of this crippling myth, but considering how much vested interest the studios have in its perpetuation, the same homilies get trotted out by obliging journalists in spite of all the contrary evidence.
l Obliging Bahrain University to set-up female-only classes - but a university official said it was impossible since around 90 per cent of students were women