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oblige (one) by (doing something)

To make one indebted by doing something for them or on their behalf; to do something that accommodates one. You're under no circumstances required to oblige your employers by giving up your legal rights in this case. I was wondering if you would oblige me by picking up a parcel for me from the post office.
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oblige (one) to (do something)

To compel, bind, or otherwise force one to do something out of a moral or legal obligation. You cannot oblige your employees to put themselves in harm's way. It's simply not the case that pregnancy obliges a couple to get married any longer.
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oblige (one) with (something)

To grace, accommodate, or provide one with some service or favor. The famous movie star was always happy to oblige his fans with autographs and pictures. Go on, Auntie May, oblige us with a story!
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N Obliging the Education Ministry to come up with a pre-school year for children aged five
N Obliging private sector employees who terminate their contracts to continue working for three months so employers can find replacements.
For the model of obliging style, considering the positive associations of compassion with understanding (Liu & Wang, 2010), and of relational goals with integration and accommodation (Keck & Samp, 2007), it seems reasonable to hypothesize (see Figure 3):
H2b: In addition to the direct effect of a proactive obliging style, which itself is a function of proactive compassion and proactive relational goals, there are also indirect effects of counterpart compassion and counterpart obliging style on reactive obliging style mediated through reactive compassion and reactive relational goals.
This study utilized a three (counterpart conflict styles: competing, integrating, obliging) by two (counterpart emotion: anger, compassion) factorial design.
Three conflict style scenarios were constructed to describe counterpart competing, integrating, and obliging style.
Four items assessed each of three conflict styles: competing, integrating, and obliging. Participants provided reports of proactive and reactive conflict styles.
Similarly, there was a significant decrease in the use of the competing (t (172) = 2.87, p < .01) and integrating styles (t (172) = 3.92, p < .001), but no significant change in the use of an obliging style, t (172) = .33, p = .74.
In terms of RQ1c, counterpart anger caused a significant decrease in the use of the integrating style, F (1, 87) = 5.35, p < .05, and the obliging style, F (1, 87) = 5.07, p < .05.
l Obliging the Education Ministry to include safety measures at home, school and work in school curricula
The Attorney-general's opinion is that setting any limit was unconstitutional, as would be obliging candidates to divulge how their campaign funds had been spent.
WINNER MACHINES: The winning tips flew thick and fast last weekend with our main racing headline tips all obliging. So don't miss our in-depth coverage inside for another winning weekend
The restrictions included practices such as obliging official dealers to purchase exclusively from Yamaha subsidiaries and obliging dealers to contact Yamaha before exporting via the Internet, as well as fixing resale prices.
The panel at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry included the proposal in a report on specific measures for implementing a law obliging makers to reduce household waste or recycle used parts, which will take effect in April.
14 Kyodo The government must monitor the stock price of the Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan (LTCB) following its fluctuation Monday morning on a reported bailout plan obliging the bank to cut its capital, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiromu Nonaka said.