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noblesse obligé

Altruistic, honorable behavior or deeds that are an assumed responsibility of people of nobility or, more broadly, economic privilege. Taken from French, literally meaning "nobility obligates." The president of the tech megacorporation seems fixated on noblesse obligé these days, seemingly spending more time doing volunteer and charity work than actually running his own company.
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much obliged

1. Indebted to someone for their generosity, kindness, or favor. We are much obliged for all you have done on behalf of our father.
2. Thank you very much. A: "Here's your jacket, sir." B: "Much obliged, son."
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oblige (one) by (doing something)

To make one indebted by doing something for them or on their behalf; to do something that accommodates one. You're under no circumstances required to oblige your employers by giving up your legal rights in this case. I was wondering if you would oblige me by picking up a parcel for me from the post office.
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oblige (one) to (do something)

To compel, bind, or otherwise force one to do something out of a moral or legal obligation. You cannot oblige your employees to put themselves in harm's way. It's simply not the case that pregnancy obliges a couple to get married any longer.
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oblige (one) with (something)

To grace, accommodate, or provide one with some service or favor. The famous movie star was always happy to oblige his fans with autographs and pictures. Go on, Auntie May, oblige us with a story!
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Much obliged.

Rur. Thankful and owing a debt of gratitude. A: Sit down, Elmer, and have a drink on me. B: Much obliged.
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oblige someone by something

to accommodate someone by doing something. Please oblige me by closing the window. Would you oblige me by accompanying me to the dance?
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oblige someone to do something

to require someone to do something. You are obliged to arrive on time and enter by the side door. The lateness of the hour obliged Tony to enter by the back door.
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oblige someone with something

to accommodate someone with something. He obliged her with a willing attitude. Please oblige me with a big piece of cake.
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noblesse oblige

privilege entails responsibility.
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The establishment was obliged to re-print 17,000 copies of the textbook after correction of the error, according to Dr.
Moscow: Consumer credit cooperatives (CCC) will be obliged to disclose the most complete information on their activity, including their participation in a self-regulatory organisation, their management bodies, and third parties acting on behalf of the CCC.
On January 10, 1997, President Zhelyu Zhelev (1935-2015), whose term expired on January 21, 1997, refused to give the BSP a mandate to form a new government, although it was obliged by constitution.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of packaging paper for products Eligibility Criteria : 1) the participant is obliged to provide a certificate of state registration of the enterprise (for non-residents of the Republic of Belarus - a registration certificate or other similar document);
According to BDI, this means that soon the country will be obliged to implement all of EU's recommendations.
The Ombudsman in its resolution said 'as the local chief executive, Siasico is not only expected to know the procedure in procurement, but most importantly, obliged to follow it.
The workforce have obliged by taking their statutory breaks and lunch hour, instead of working through and going home when their round is finished.
Under the new legislation, air carriers will be obliged to provide EU member states' authorities with the PNR data for flights entering or departing from the EU.
Banks are obliged to use the currency deployments to fund products that the CBE has approved for import.
per capita farmers and will be obliged to visit farmers several times in the year and give them expert advice
Finance Minister Michael Noonan said the Government was obliged to charge the hated tap tax.
For instance, all civil servants above a certain rank would be obliged to submit a statement but not make it public.
Lawyers acting for Gers' former chief executive believe judge Lord Doherty acted incorrectly when he ruled last month that the club aren't legally obliged to pay his costs.
Natural and legal persons with up to 49 employees will be exempt from the responsibility of bookkeeping and archive maintenance, while legal entities with 50 and more employees will be obliged to keep only basic records.
Sources quoted by the local media said that some of these rulings were related to unjust decrees and financial compensations, in addition to rulings that obliged some ministries to pay the leases in some regions, with many of those leases reaching millions of riyals.