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not see any objection

(to something) Go to see no objection (to something).
See also: any, not, objection, see

raise (an) objection (to someone or something)

to mention an objection about someone or something. I hope your family won't raise an objection to my staying for dinner. I'm certain no one will raise an objection. We are delighted to have you.
See also: objection, raise

see no objection

(to something) and not see any objection (to something) not to think of any objection to something. I see no objection to your idea. Do you see any objection? I do not see any objection to anything you have done. see one's way (clear) (to do something) to find it possible to do something. I'd be happy if you could see your way clear to attend our meeting. I wanted to be there, but I couldn't see my way clear.
See also: objection, see

raise an objection

Protest, as in I'll raise no objections to your proposed bill if you promise to support me next time. The use of raise in the sense of "bring up" or "mention" dates from the mid-1600s.
See also: objection, raise
References in classic literature ?
Once more, I stammered with difficulty that I had no objection.
Would there be any objection to my taking leave of any one I know, about here, before I go away?
He has, therefore, requested me to reply in his behalf to two special objections, one of an intellectual, the other of a moral nature.
There were some very strong objections against the lady," were Colonel Fitzwilliam's words; and those strong objections probably were, her having one uncle who was a country attorney, and another who was in business in London.
When she thought of her mother, her confidence gave way a little; but she would not allow that any objections THERE had material weight with Mr.
Weyrother met all objections with a firm and contemptuous smile, evidently prepared beforehand to meet all objections be they what they might.
Weyrother again gave that smile which seemed to say that to him it was strange and ridiculous to meet objections from Russian generals and to have to prove to them what he had not merely convinced himself of, but had also convinced the sovereign Emperors of.
That many and grave objections may be advanced against the theory of descent with modification through natural selection, I do not deny.
We meet with no such evidence, and this is the most obvious and forcible of the many objections which may be urged against my theory.
I can answer these questions and grave objections only on the supposition that the geological record is far more imperfect than most geologists believe.
Such is the sum of the several chief objections and difficulties which may justly be urged against my theory; and I have now briefly recapitulated the answers and explanations which can be given to them.
Any person having any objection to the disposal should make such objection in writing to the Assistant Director (quoting reference: DEV/SJH/D70A-421), Legal, Governance and Monitoring, Second Floor, High Street Buildings, High Street, Huddersfield HD1 2ND no later than 25 August 2015, giving full reasons for such objection.
ISLAMABAD -- Supreme Court (SC) has fixed for hearing appeal plea filed against its registrar objection over the petition seeking inclusion of names of former chief minister Punjab Chaudhry Pervez Elahi, former ISI chief Hamid Gul and Brig (Retd) Ejaz Shah in Benazir Bhutto murder case.
LAHORE -- The Lahore High Court Wednesday removing registrars office objection on Ayyan Alis bail plea in money laundering case directed to fix it before a division bench.
This application was fixed as an objection case before a judge who removed the objection and ordered the registrar office to fix it before some appropriate bench.