object to

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object to (someone or something)

To oppose, disagree with, or disapprove of someone or something. I know the board members object to the spending increase, but I really think it is vital for the company's success. My parents have always objected to the women I date, so I just don't tell them about my love life anymore.
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object to someone or something

to disapprove of someone or something. I object to him as your choice. I object to your opinion.
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object to

To express disagreement with or disapproval of something: The city council objects to vulgar art displays in public buildings.
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If it is a database query object, when you connect the object to a particular table on a data base, it will automatically acquire outlets corresponding to the fields in that database.
These requirements led us to look for Java object to RDBMS mapping solutions as well as Java ODBMS technology and the O2's Java Relational Binding is particularly well designed in terms of the simplicity and elegance of its Java language interface, dramatically enhancing developer's productivity," added Greenspon.
The problem that we face, however, is security that allows you to make a request for an object -- something that would know where the object is -- and be able to ensure that the messaging that goes from one object to another is performed in a guaranteed fashion.
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