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bright shiny object

Something that is widely appealing or attention-grabbing for its superficial characteristics, but which is usually not useful, substantial, or long lasting. Recent technological advances seem to be just a series of bright shiny objects, consuming all of our attention for a while before something shinier comes along.
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sex object

One who is valued or regarded as a source of sexual pleasure. She was tired of being treated like a sex object, so she began dressing more conservatively and demanded more respect from the men within her social circle.
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money is no object

Financial resources are unlimited, so one can spend without limitation. Send my wife the largest bouquet you can find—money is no object.
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expense is no object

It does not matter how much something costs. Send my wife the largest bouquet you can find—expense is no object.
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(something) is no object

Something has no bearing on or causes no restrictions to some decision or course of action. Usually used in reference to money. Send my wife the largest bouquet you can find—money is no object. The studio has given us free reign to make the biggest, mot impressive film we can imagine, and they've assured us that expense is no object.
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the object of the exercise

The main point, focus, or goal of an activity or task. If you're an investor, holding onto stocks that damage your portfolio defeats the object of the exercise. If you're trying to improve your health, not just shed a few quick pounds, the object of the exercise should be to develop a diet that is sustainable in the long term.
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an object lesson

An actual, concrete example of something. Your overreaction was an object lesson in how to ensure that your kids don't tell you the truth.
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object to (someone or something)

To oppose, disagree with, or disapprove of someone or something. I know the board members object to the spending increase, but I really think it is vital for the company's success. My parents have always objected to the women I date, so I just don't tell them about my love life anymore.
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Money is no object,

 and Expense is no object.
Fig. It does not matter how much something costs. Please show me your finest automobile. Money is no object. I want the finest earrings you have. Don't worry about how much they cost because expense is no object.
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object to someone or something

to disapprove of someone or something. I object to him as your choice. I object to your opinion.
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money is no object

Also, expense is no object. It doesn't matter how much it costs, as in Get the very best fur coat you can find-money is no object. In this expression no object means "something not taken into account or presenting no obstacle." It was first recorded as salary will be no object in a 1782 newspaper advertisement for someone seeking a job. Both money and expense were so described by the mid-1800s.
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money is no object

COMMON If money is no object for someone, they are willing or able to spend as much money as necessary. The shop has a range of superb Swedish crystal glasses that I would have if money were no object.
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no object

not influencing or restricting choices or decisions.
1998 Independent I'm a very impulsive buyer, if I see something I buy it, money no object.
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the object of the exercise

the main point or purpose of an activity.
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money, expense, etc. is no ˈobject

there is no need to worry about the amount of money, etc., because there is enough or because it has no importance: Choose whatever you like from the menu. It’s your birthday so money is no object.He was ready to travel anywhere. Distance was no object.
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an ˈobject lesson

a practical example of what you should or should not do in a particular situation: It was an object lesson in how not to make a speech. He did absolutely everything wrong.An object lesson was a school lesson that used real objects as a way of teaching in a very direct and practical way.
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object to

To express disagreement with or disapproval of something: The city council objects to vulgar art displays in public buildings.
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