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nuzzle up (to someone or something)

1. Of an animal, to rub its nose against someone or something in an affectionate manner. I've never really liked being around dogs. Even when they're just nuzzling up to me, it makes me nervous.
2. To snuggle or cuddle (up to someone or something). When my daughter was a young girl, the only way she'd fall asleep was nuzzled up to her favorite teddy bear. Everyone makes a big deal about going out on Friday nights, but my girlfriend and I are usually happy just to nuzzle up on the couch with a good movie.
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nuzzle up against (someone or something)

1. Of an animal, to rub its nose against someone or something in an affectionate manner. We were nervous about bringing the baby home, but when we did, our cat nuzzled up against the baby carrier right away.
2. To snuggle up against or rub softly against someone or something. When my daughter was a young girl, the only way she'd fall asleep was if she nuzzled up against her favorite teddy bear. I'm cold! Nuzzle up against me and warm me up, my love.
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nuzzle up against someone or something

 and nuzzle up (to someone or something)
[for an animal] to rub its nose against someone or something; to rub against someone or something, softly, in the manner of rubbing the nose against someone or something; to snuggle up to someone or something. (Nuzzle is related to nose.) The dog nuzzled up against my leg, wanting to be friends. The dog nuzzled up to me and licked my hand.
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Why could we girls not have drop-dead gorgeous hunks with rippling six packs draping themselves over the bonnets of the Lamborghinis or the suave and elegant Italian men in their tight trousers nuzzling their posteriors into the door mirrors of the Ferraris?
One woman giggled with embarrassment as he tried to cajole her neighbors into nuzzling her.
As a wandering performer who travels to 40 cities a year (from Chattanooga to Louisville to Salt Lake City), I have a front-row seat to the diversity of expression in the nuzzling specificity of hundreds of cities' gay theaters, arts centers, bookstores, choruses, and film festivals.
The lip smacking, nuzzling, and embracing come from the intimacy of mother-infant relations, and the presenting of hindquarters, mounting, and genital contact derive from mating behavior.
The other is Newt's now-famous "pouting sex kitten," Erica, an exotic German spy, who ensnares the President's chief of staff by nuzzling his neck and biting his shoulder as "her fingers entwined the fur of his chest.
The 22-year-old Italian footballer, who joined FC Milan early this year, was seen staring at the Belgian blonde and nuzzling into the model's neck, while they shared a joke together.
The mum-of-two, from Newark, Notts, said the dog kept nuzzling and sniffing the area where the tumour was growing until she got herself checked.
He kept nuzzling me and staring - sort of urging me to go to the doctor.
A friend said: 'Zara was nuzzling up to one of her horses, trying to give it a kiss, when the animal decided to give her a nip.
Nuzzling one end of the huge pod is a 350-seat IMAX theatre (the first of its kind in Scotland), housed in an organically mutated dome-like structure.
little paws treading on [the mother] and little snouts nuzzling [her]; as well as the sensation of nursing itself.
Washington, Dec 9 (ANI): Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan recently attended a private dinner organized by legendary actor Sean Penn for gay activist Harvey Milk, and was later seen nuzzling the actor.
Chris Tuffrey ignored a mole on his chest for 15 years until his dog, Beamish, started nuzzling and licking at it.
It's all sweet, with a nuzzling humour without bark or bite.
But Ash and Dem clearly still had goo-goo eyes only for each other as they kept nudging and nuzzling and exchanging private little glances.