nuzzle up against

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nuzzle up against (someone or something)

1. Of an animal, to rub its nose against someone or something in an affectionate manner. We were nervous about bringing the baby home, but when we did, our cat nuzzled up against the baby carrier right away.
2. To snuggle up against or rub softly against someone or something. When my daughter was a young girl, the only way she'd fall asleep was if she nuzzled up against her favorite teddy bear. I'm cold! Nuzzle up against me and warm me up, my love.
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nuzzle up against someone or something

 and nuzzle up (to someone or something)
[for an animal] to rub its nose against someone or something; to rub against someone or something, softly, in the manner of rubbing the nose against someone or something; to snuggle up to someone or something. (Nuzzle is related to nose.) The dog nuzzled up against my leg, wanting to be friends. The dog nuzzled up to me and licked my hand.
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Gracing the stage last Saturday was an Italian in a bloody gorilla suit, an angry Azerbaijani horse-demon crooning from atop a ladder, and a bare-assed Ukrainian prankster trying to nuzzle up to one of the performers.
When Billy is asleep Freddie will come and nuzzle up to him.
That said, there's still a 360-page "Getting Started" manual for us gearheads who like to nuzzle up to documentation not requiring electricity.
The statue, by Belgian artist Jan Fabre, is part of an art exhibition along the Belgian coastline; a model wears this creation as part of Lei Basica's 2004 Spring/Summer collection at Rio Fashion Week; a pair of African Elephants nuzzle up to each other at the Mokolodi Nature Reserve in Gaborone, Bostwana, visited by US President George W Bush
Monkey - from the ITV Digital ads - tore himself away from sidekick Al, right, to nuzzle up to the talent show hopeful.
Now the pair are inseparable and often nuzzle up to one another when they fall asleep.