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1. noun, vulgar slang The testicles. I kicked the mugger in the nuts and grabbed my wallet back off him. He grabbed his nuts in a lewd gesture to the crowd.
2. noun, vulgar slang Confidence, self-esteem, motivation, etc. Often but not always said of a man. You've got nuts standing up to them like that, man. He doesn't have the nuts to try a plan that bold.
3. adjective Crazy; manic or eccentric; out of one's mind. Trying to figure out what's wrong with this computer is driving me nuts! You're totally nuts if you think they'll let you get away with it.
4. interjection An exclamation of dismay, frustration, or exasperation. Ah, nuts! I left my lunchbox on the school bus! A: "Nuts!" B: "What's wrong?" A: "The screwdriver slipped out of my hand and left a big gash in the wall."

the nuts

slang In poker, the winning or best possible hand of cards. I knew I had the nuts, so I decided to slow play until the river.
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and nutz
1. mod. crazy. (There is no difference in pronunciation between nuts and nutz.) That whole idea is just nuts!
2. exclam. No!; I don’t believe you!; I don’t care! (Usually Nuts!) Oh, nuts! I forgot my wallet.
3. n. the testicles. (Usually objectionable.) Chuck got kneed in the nuts in a football game.


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The popularity of tree nuts has increased remarkably in the past few years and are used as one of the important components of healthy diet.
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Chen emphasized that the regulations will be applicable to both domestically produced and imported betel nuts so to safeguard national health.
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