nurse along

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nurse along

1. To give close medical care and attention to someone or an animal in an attempt to return them or it to full health. A noun or pronoun can be used between "nurse" and "along." The government nursed along the foreign spy so that he would be able to survive their torture techniques to extract information from him. The poor stray was nearly starved to death when we found her in the gutter, so we took her in and nursed her along until she was back to a healthy weight.
2. To give close care and attention to something, such as a business or project, to make sure it succeeds, remains operational, or does not fail. A noun or pronoun can be used between "nurse" and "along." The stimulus package has helped nurse along several of the massive corporations deemed "too big to fail," but it wasn't enough to prevent the closure of thousands of other small businesses. This game has been a passion project of mine, and I've been nursing it along for nearly 10 years now.
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nurse someone (or an animal) along

to aid or encourage the well-being or return to health of someone or an animal. She nursed the old man along for a few years until he died. She nursed along the invalid. The vet nursed the horse along for the rest of the night. He nursed himself along with chicken noodle soup and hot baths until the virus ran its course.
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nurse something along

Fig. to manage something with care and thrift. (See also nurse someone or an animal along.) The board of directors agreed to nurse the firm along for a while and then sell it. She nursed along the failing business until it was showing a profit.
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The creation of the VHL in Nursing, Colombia is a significant achievement to promote the dissemination of scientific knowledge in Nursing in Colombia, showing visibility in the Regional Network for VHL in Nursing along with other member countries.
"The two Jennings' who we are nursing along - one may have a chance, the other is getting better every day which is pleasing and is such a big part of what we want to do here."
Contract notice: The contract is to plant trees , shrubs and perennials with a three-year nursing along the routes of the Capital City Warsaw.
Ironies abound in this story of military nursing along the coordinates of the civil rights movement.
RAY: Plus -- and maybe this will help sway him -- at some point, itdoesn't make economic sense to keep nursing along an ancient car.
Created at the request of numerous colleagues for a book that addressed the practical needs and concerns of men in nursing, the book presents career paths available in nursing along with a consideration of their financial benefits, job security, personal fulfillment, and strategies for dealing with a rigorous nursing curriculum compounded by the challenges of anti-male sentiment that is sometimes present.
I must admit that I used some of the tubing to hold my pant leg away from my bike chain, so I am now nursing along my last 2 feet.
Mary Naylor PhD, RN, FAAN, professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and program director of the RWJF Interdisciplinary Nursing Quality Research Initiative (INQRI) reacted to the survey findings by saying interdisciplinary teams of scholars from nursing along with other disciplines are already engaging in evidence based practices which contain costs, improve quality of care, and increase access to care.
"Even though huge sums are being paid through Nama, this is simply nursing along the toxic loans of the past, in the forlorn hope that these loans will end up paying their way."
Although exhausted, we returned home invigorated by the knowledge that we were working to advance American nursing along with 600 other nurses from all over the country, the U.S.
The all-rounder notched his second half-century of the second Test, blasting sixes while nursing along his tail-end partners as England set Australia a testing target of 282 to go 2-0 up in the series.
This trajectory offers us the image of the sending out as something that resulted from a buildup of healings and teachings: a pattern that is a kind of nursing along. Once the point of Jesus' mission has been fed and filled out in enough minds and hearts, the time becomes ripe to hand over the task of preaching, teaching, and healing.
Regarding making some hard choices, Stamler said, "We have a small title we've been nursing along. It really just hasn't worked for us and a recent small mailing of 5,000 flopped.
Contract award: planting shrubs, vines and perennials along with a three-year nursing along the routes of the capital city warsaw.
She held a BS in nursing, teaching at Worcester City Hospital School of Nursing along with practicing as a RN at the hospital retiring in 1972.
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