nurse along

nurse along

1. To give close medical care and attention to someone or an animal in an attempt to return them or it to full health. A noun or pronoun can be used between "nurse" and "along." The government nursed along the foreign spy so that he would be able to survive their torture techniques to extract information from him. The poor stray was nearly starved to death when we found her in the gutter, so we took her in and nursed her along until she was back to a healthy weight.
2. To give close care and attention to something, such as a business or project, to make sure it succeeds, remains operational, or does not fail. A noun or pronoun can be used between "nurse" and "along." The stimulus package has helped nurse along several of the massive corporations deemed "too big to fail," but it wasn't enough to prevent the closure of thousands of other small businesses. This game has been a passion project of mine, and I've been nursing it along for nearly 10 years now.
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nurse someone (or an animal) along

to aid or encourage the well-being or return to health of someone or an animal. She nursed the old man along for a few years until he died. She nursed along the invalid. The vet nursed the horse along for the rest of the night. He nursed himself along with chicken noodle soup and hot baths until the virus ran its course.
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nurse something along

Fig. to manage something with care and thrift. (See also nurse someone or an animal along.) The board of directors agreed to nurse the firm along for a while and then sell it. She nursed along the failing business until it was showing a profit.
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After the incident, the nurse along a colleague deposited the lower part of the foetus in the centre's mortuary and asked the family of the victim to take her to Jaisalmer for further treatment.
"Gavin is another one we have had to nurse along in recent weeks.We have had to use him sporadically as a result.
Ensuring everything is to hand and guiding a nurse along the pathway, SepsisBox facilitates the delivery of the correct care during the allimportant first hour after the initial diagnosis of sepsis.
But our protocol to take a nurse along started many years ago, after I suffered a house call disaster.
Muscat: A Filipino male nurse along with the medical orderly and the driver of the ambulance, both Omani nationals, were killed on the spot when their ambulance crashed into a truck on Al Amerat-Quriyat road on Wednesday afternoon, while the patient died later.
The nurse along with her children and husband met the veteran leader at his residence.
The nurses names will be published in The Maryland Nurse along with your name unless you wish to remain anonymous.
PROUD: The Central Teaching Laboratories at the University of Liverpool officially opened by Nobel prize winner Sir Paul Nurse along with along with Vice Chancellor of the University Sir Howard Newby and Professor Steve Holloway (middle) Pictures: GARETH JONES
"They're trying to nurse along the print side as much as they can.
The gang plans to cram seven people in the vehicle and bring a nurse along to ensure that his health does not suffer from the trip.
But despite her various ailments my mother-in-law is an intrepid traveller and suddenly one day we get to know she is in Bangkok and has taken a nurse along with her.
In the continued absence of Harmison, Simon Jones and Ashley Giles, England's virtually full-strength batting department - Michael Vaughan is due to play for Yorkshire against Scotland today - should be able to nurse along the inexperienced attack.
He is on the bench as Boro carefully nurse along a player who could have a bright future.
Now think if he had to drag the Bolger sisters, their mother, a publicist and a wet nurse along. Impossible.