number among

number someone or something among something

to include someone or something in a group of something. I number her among my best friends. I number this product among the most popular developed during the past year.
See also: among, number
References in classic literature ?
He felt certain he had passed; but next day, when he went up to the examination buildings to see the result posted on the door, he was astounded not to find his number among those who had satisfied the examiners.
Leo Hunter--is proud to number among her acquaintance all those who have rendered themselves celebrated by their works and talents.
We could even easily believe that for a goodly number among them la Esmeralda was only a pretext, if thieves needed pretexts.
I happen to number among my friends the loveliest woman in the world.
Kyrgyzstan holds leading position on Internet users number among CIS countries and Internet connectivity among Central Asian countries, Kyrgyz MP said at the seminar on May 13.
Last week, for instance, marked the centenary of Titanic's launch and the ramifications of her loss number among those myriad circumstances.
But there is strong opposition against raising this number among policymakers.
120 employees of Malakand have been dismissed from their posts, which is the largest number among other divisions.
Cardiologists, plastic surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, pharmacists and dentists number among the exhibitors that include Lawrence Chait, Geoff Melman, Bruce Deane and Jeff King.
A study of companies with the words 'and son' or 'and daughter' also revealed a large number among trades including plumbing, painting and carpentry.
Mosley's young adult tale revolves around the young 47--his name and number among the property on a Georgia plantation--and his encounter with Tall John, an extraterrestrial.
It's just that the working people of New Orleans don't number among them.
Low-volatility heat stabilizers for rigid PVC also number among Crompton's new offerings.
A majority of students who had experience with oral sex said that their best friend also had such experience, and the number of oral sex partners was significantly correlated with the perceived number among students' best friends; similar associations were not found for sexual intercourse.
7-inch sensor, divides the total number among S pixels and R pixels, which have different sensitivity levels so the chip produces an extreme dynamic range, producing a smooth and wide tonal range without losing detail in dark areas or washing out highlight areas.